Few weeks ago, we were invited to try some of creations from Yo’ Panino, which is located on the 4th level of Plaza Indonesia. Serving hot sandwiches, chopped salads and cold-pressed juices, it has so many interesting stuffs to offer. Yo’ Panino is developed from Singapore and available in Indonesia with a concept like Subway, where we can actually make our own sandwiches by selecting the bread, fillings, even sauces.
Do you like sandwiches? We definitely do. Actually I was not really a sandwich person because I prefer rice than bread (XD), but I can actually appreciate sandwiches as “main course” since Mr. K made one for me some years ago. Rather than the typical triangle-shaped sandwiches like what Indonesians think of “sandwich”, he used a baguette and put lots of stuffs inside such as lettuce, cheese, salami, smoked meat, onions, tomatoes and many others. In the end I got a simple yet beautiful sandwiches and even until now, it is one of our favorite homemade food.

The Plaza Indonesia outlet is not big, but definitely easy to spot because of its colorful decorations. We can choose to order from the counter or from our table, and the nicest thing is that we can actually watch how our sandwiches are made. The kitchen is small but visible from outside so rest-assured, we can see that the sanitation and hygiene are well-maintained. 

For the sandwiches, we can choose the bread from 4 selections:
  • Turkish Pide: moist and light with toasted sesame seeds
  • Multigrain: Healthy choice of rolled oats, flax, sesame and sunflower seeds
  • Farmhouse White: soft with a touch of salt
  • Tortilla Wrap: corn tortilla wrap warmed to order

L-R: Multigrain, Farmhouse White, Turkish Pide

For the sauces, they have 6 signature creations:

  • Yo’Barbie-Q: homemade hickory smoked cozy barbecue sauce
  • Yo’Angry: angry but not so fierce mayo
  • Yo’Aioli: a unique garlic, mayo, and olive oil concoction
  • Yo’Wasabi: a versatile combination of fresh wasabi and creamy mayonnaise
  • Yo’Java: fresh roasted peanuts slowly simmered with a unique blend of spiced herbs
  • Yo’Pesto: original Genoa blend of fresh basil, garlic, nuts, parmesan
Of course, they also serve chilli sauce, tomato ketchup, mayonnaise and mustard!
My favorite? Yo’Angry and Yo’Aioli. The others are either too sweet or aren’t that memorable. But again, it depends on the fillings and toppings you use in the sandwiches! 😉

Yo’ Panino gives you full liberty to make your own sandwich, so you can actually choose ANYTHING you want to be included in your bread, but if you put everything altogether, imagine the weird result? That’s why, when you are not sure what to put, they give you guidance or already-mixmatched sandwiches that we can choose. There are classic, signature, legendary, hero categories, and each comes with nice combinations that we don’t even need to think about!
Sloppy Joe IDR 69K
Ground beef in special  sauce, cheddar melt, served on toasty Farmhouse White.
This is one of their newest creations and I must say I was impressed! This was the first one I tried and my expectation was risen afterwards. The toasty bread had crispy outer and maintained its softness in the inside, fulfilled with thick layer of tasty ground beef. We had it served with the Yo’Aioli and Yo’Barbie-Q sauce, personally I love the garlic one better with this! 

Big Daddy Patty Melts IDR 69K
Minced patty beef, cheddar melt, fried egg, served on warm Turkish Pide.
Hands-down, this is my favorite Yo’Panino sandwich! The beef was fragrant, tender and mild, complimented by the fried egg and cheddar melt. The bread was decent and I simply love the sesame seeds!

Philly Cheese Steak IDR 69K
Sliced rib-eye, caramelized onions, cheddar melt, lettuce, tomatoes, garlic chips, Yo’Aioli sauce, served with toasty Farmhouse White.
Despite the fact that this is one of the best-selling menu from Yo’Panino, I wasn’t really impressed by this. The rib-eye was very soft and tender, but lacking of taste, so after eating the other sandwiches I kinda felt unsatisfied with this. Compared to the others, this was a bit too bland and unattractive. However, it was nicer when I put the garlic sauce in it!

Ultimate BLT IDR 49K
Crispy Turkey bacon, lettuce, fresh tomatoes, corn kernels, Yo’Angry sauce, served with warm Turkish Pide.
We haven’t eaten sandwiches yet without the classic BLT, so we tried one and very happy about it. thE BLT was one of the nicest ones ever, with fulfilling ingredients and the Yo’Angry sauce made it even better. Although the sauce is meant to be spicy, it is not too spicy so I think it can enjoyed by everyone. Of course you can always ask for a substitute for the sauce but trust me, using this Yo’Angry sauce gave a kick that you need for this BLT. 😉

Angry Prawn IDR 59K
Prawn tempura, angry chili sauce, lettuce, taco bits, red onion, Yo’Angry sauce, wrapped in a tortilla.
Tried this because we were curious about the seafood sandwich and we wanted to try the tortilla wrap. This combination was also very excellent because with the thin tortilla wrap, the taste of the fillings became more prominent and it was very good with the seafood. The prawns are big and tasty, and I loved the crunchy sensations from the lettuce, taco bits and red onion, very contrast with the soft wrap. The spicy sauce also enhanced the taste of prawns and this one got me hooked almost instantly from the first bite.

Beside sandwiches, Yo’Panino also serves appetizers, rice bowls, and salads.

Chick Pops IDR 24K
This fried chicken bites were not the best of its kind but quite enjoyable. It’s served with Yo’Aioli sauce, and it is totally suitable for the chicken.

Buffalo Wings 4 pcs IDR 27K
The wings were quite small in sizes but surprisingly they were delicious. I liked the sweet sour sauce a lot, unlike regular BBQ sauce, this was milder and not sickening at all. However, texture wasn’t as crunchy as I like, these were a bit too wet for my liking.

Java Slaw IDR 15K
This appetizer dish was served with Yo’Java sauce, which resembled peanut sauce for rujak. It has sweetness, saltiness, and nice aromatic taste that is very familiar for local people. I actually enjoyed this a lot, and will definitely recommend this to everyone who visits Yo’Panino!

Fresh Cut Fries IDR 15K

Java Tempe IDR 49K
Crispy tempe, spiced Java Slaw, chopped Romaine lettuce.
Tried this salad bowl because I was interested on trying their tempe (fermented soybean) flavors, but I didn’t want to try them in sandwich! XD The veggie was SUPER fresh, like it was literally crunchy and made sound when I ate it, the Yo’Java sauce was already mixed and nicely spread, completed with tempe blocks. This tasted more like Indonesian salad to me, probably something like rujak sayur or something, refreshing!

Got to try 2 of them: 
  • Pineapple Express IDR 36K (pineapple, apple, mint)
  • R&R IDR 40K (lemon, orange, apple, ginger, spinach, celery)
Also one of Coconut Water Detox: Liquid Sunshine IDR 39K, a combination of coconut water and orange.
Three of them were great, but Pineapple Express didn’t impress me because I was expecting something more sour (from the pineapple), but in the end, it was dominated by mint taste. R&R was great and “heavier”, but I loved the strong, heated taste of ginger, made me feel warm and energized instantly. The coconut water was also nice, it was light and enjoyable, very much like an ionic drink, but I would probably go for the juices when I go there again.

Fresh Baked Cookies IDR 12K/pc
We also tried their cookies: Chocolate Mint, Chocolate Chip, Almond. The cookies were big and crispy, with distinctive taste of butter. A perfect snack!

Coconut Squares & Banana Cake IDR 18K each
Banana Cake is one of my favorite cakes and I was glad to see it on the menu. It had beautiful yellow color with perfect texture, soft and smooth, melted in the mouth nicely. The coconut squares had harder texture but complimented with walnut (?) and they were very tasty. I don’t even need to mention that both cakes were very fragrant and they were served warm. I couldn’t ask for better closure for my lovely feast that day!

Cappuccino IDR 25K
Enjoyed the sweet treats with a company of their coffee, which was mild and easy. Coffee or caffeine lovers probably dislike their not-so-strong coffee, but I really do like it.

Yo’Panino also offers delivery service through their hotline numbers or some delivery service websites, which you can check on their website below. Last but not least, thank you for having us and see you again soon!

*The Food Escape team are not paid whatsoever for writing this post.
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