Beside all the casual and family restaurants in Pantai Indah Kapuk (PIK), there is Le Signature, the only restaurant with fine dining concept, that is located quite hidden behind Ruko Cordoba, just beside Sun Merry Bakery. Ruko Cordoba itself is one of the popular spot for eating places in PIK, but we usually just drive around the main street and this Le Signature location can be easily missed if we don’t know the exact location or just driving through the area.

The restaurant is not big and spacious, with dining areas in two floors. The first floor looks smaller than the second one. When I first stepped in, I was kind of surprised to see the ambiance of the place, not mentioning the elegant-looking table setups. It surely gave a nice first impression of different atmosphere with the surrounding restaurants. However, one thing that kind of set me back a bit was the absence of folded napkins on each mat, which made the table look quite empty and not-so fine dining.

As a fine dining restaurant, Le Signature serves course menu as well as a la carte, with price ranges of IDR 38K – 188K including Tapas, Soup/Salad, Main Course, Pasta, Finger Food and Dessert. To compliment the fine dining experience, they also serve variety of wines and cocktails.
Seafood Ravioli in Créme De Mer IDR 68K

For the tapas, we tried this menu, which is actually a single ravioli stuffed with seafood and served in cream sauce. The so-called ravioli had the softest and smoothest skin texture that reminded me of Taiwanese dumplings, and the seafood was stuffed in generously, resulting in a very tasty ravioli. The green part on the cream was parsley and it gave a nice fragrance and aromatic taste to the strong, thick cream. A good start to kick the appetite on!

Romaine Lettuce, Italian Anchovies, Poached Egg & Baked Croutons in Caesar Dressing IDR 48K
The salad was very tasty and savory that I found myself enjoying this very much. The poached egg was perfect and I loved the flowing egg yolk, which kinda neutralized the saltiness of the salad. The croutons were also another highlight because they were very crunchy and made the salad more fun 😉

Honey Toasted Chicken Wings with Peanut Glaze IDR 68K
Honestly when this was served, I was like, “WHAT”, because as far as I know, I had never seen chicken wings served in fine dining menu. However, I didn’t need to complain because this one was far better than I expected! The chicken wings were probably not the biggest size or best in texture (in fact they were kinda hard) but the sauce was YUMMY! Combination of sweet and sour, it didn’t taste like typical BBQ wing sauce with sour and salty taste only but more like Asian version of BBQ sauce, and I loved it.

Grilled Wild Barramundi, Asparagus Twigs & Potato Bed IDR 148K
First of all, the barramundi was thick and fresh. I enjoyed it although I found it a bit bland and less tasty than the previous menu, but with sprinkles of salt and pepper, I was happy. <– reminds me, if you visit, make sure to try their automatic electronic salt & pepper grinders, I played with it like a kid who just found a new toy, LOL! XD The mashed potato was nice, probably no cream used and it was just regular one perfectly mashed. My only complain was the asparagus, it was overcooked therefore it lost its crunchiness. Overall, it was a great dish as a main course and quite fulfilling.

And you know, if you happen to be like us, in the term of taking photography of your food before eating, you may consider going upstairs and find the table just near the window. It is like, the heaven for photo shots and with all the elegant looking windows, who can resist taking some photos there? 

Butter Milk Wafers with Mandarin Baileys Cocktail IDR 68K
For the dessert, we tried this Mandarin Baileys cocktail which was served with butter milk wafers that resemble ladyfingers. The cocktail had a thick texture like cream soup, and dominated with strong Baileys taste. The wafers were crispy and best dipped into the cocktail. It was good because the dessert gave some nice weight into the whole course menu without making it too overwhelming.

Overall, I personally was impressed by the food quality that Le Signature offers. Although the menu are not much but they serve good selection and each menu is designed uniquely. If you are interested, you can try their course menu to get the best experience. 😉

*All prices are subject to 5% service charge & 10% government tax
*The Food Escape team are not paid whatsoever for writing this post.
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Ruko Cordoba Blok H No. 2 (next to Sun Merry Bakery)
Bukit Golf Mediterania
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Phone. +62 21 5698 3495
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