As it’s the day to celebrate, I picked this entry to write about the christmas cake I got this year. Special thanks to Mr. I (I know you must be smiling when you’re reading this shout out!), who is caring enough to go all the trouble to send a beautiful christmas cake for me although he was busy working in London that time. It meant a lot to me, seriously. ^__^
I think I’ve mentioned a lot of times before that I am a big fan of Cheese Cake Factory. Getting to enjoy a slice of their cakes was a beautiful way to celebrate my christmas this year. 
Elegant cake box compliments the cake 🙂

Chocolate Blanc

A slice of heavenly Chocolate Blanc

I was surprised when I opened the box and found a very beautiful chocolate cake. The description from the website is: “A rich chocolate sponge, layered with smooth vanilla cream. This mix of chocolate and vanilla, dark and light, sponge and cream, topped with a fun slice of chocolate glaze, you gotta get this!”, personally, I couldn’t agree more! The cake is so smooth it immediately melted the moment it touched my tongue. Although I love Cheese Cake Factory’s cakes, I always think that those are too sweet, but this one was just perfect. The vanilla wasn’t too strong, but still significant. The chocolate glaze was rich and sweet, totally complimented the soft-tasted cake.
Love it, love it, love it!
Last but not least, finally, it’s the December 31st of 2011, the end of the year. Looking back, this year has been nothing but tough year for me. Many things happened, be those good or bad things, but I believe everything just helped me to become stronger as a person. 🙂
Food Escape was created by me and my partner on November last year. However, I had abandoned this blog for too long, since February until October this year due to a lot of reasons, but I promised myself that I will keep this blog and continue updating more regularly. 
I want to take this opportunity to thank all the people who have been supporting me and Food Escape until now. Thanks to Mr. K for sharing the same passion with me and motivated me to create this blog in the first place. Hey, when will you take pictures for me again? XD And to Mr. P who officially joined the Food Escape team since October, and for all the awesome pictures that he takes with his new toy. Also our visitors, followers, fellow food bloggers, restaurants, basically everyone who motivates me more to improve this blog 🙂
Goodbye 2011, Happy New Year 2012 for everyone! *toast*