First thing first, we don’t know how to express our gratefulness for all the enthusiastic emails and messages we got from our latest Khao Yai post: the Toscana Valley! Thank you, thank you, thank you, everyone for reading our humble experience and for all the love and feedback, we didn’t expect that the post can be helpful to many of you but we’re so glad if it does! As the matter of fact, we still have few attractions in Khao Yai that we want to share, so please keep reading and stay tuned for more updates! 🙂

This time, we are going to share about yet another beautiful Italian-inspired place in Khao Yai called Primo Piazza. I don’t know but I think Thai people really love Italy in particular, and they build lots and lots of Italian-inspired buildings compared to other European countries theme (not that I am complaining, though). Primo Piazza itself is not a new attraction, it was the first place we planned to visit back in our first Khao Yai trip on July 2016, but it was a weekday and it was closed. Mr. K called their number only to find out that the place only operated on weekends that time. So, this time, we finally made it to this beautiful place for a visit on a Sunday noon, YAY!


Actually if you come to Khao Yai by car, there is only one way to enter the area from the toll exit, and it’ll be difficult to miss Primo Piazza along with many big hotels on the same street. Piazza itself means something like public square surrounded by buildings in Italian town, and you just have to look out for colorful buildings with fountain (visible from the street) and you’re in right place.

When you enter the area, there is a spacious parking area in front and few steps ahead, you’ll be welcomed with pretty lush green around you. My exact thought that time, if the front yard was THAT pretty, I seriously couldn’t imagine what awaited us beyond that entrance!



Unlike many other attractions in Khao Yai (from what we have ever visited like: Palio Village, Thames Valley, Midwinter Green, Toscana Valley), Primo Piazza is the only one which requires entrance fee to enter the place.

Entrance Fee
Adult  THB 100
Child  THB 50
The ticket can be used to redeem 10% discount on food inside.

DSC_7425-2 DSC_7431-4

Entering inside, we were awed by the thick European surrounding atmosphere! The terracotta-colored building mixed with typical Italian yellow building completely made us forgetting the fact that we were still in a part of Asia. I must say, the actual place/area is actually not too big (much smaller than my imagination) but they are VERY serious in precising the actual piazza feel and we were extremely impressed. I guess at this point, my words probably have no meaning so I will just show you a lot of photos and get ready to travel to Italy!

DSC_7465 DSC_7440-10DSC_7445


So if you come here, you’ll probably spend longer time taking lots of photos near the entrance, you can also visit the shops like the Primo Café, where you can find their unique blend (only available there): the aromatic Arabica roasts from France and the best sources from the north of Thailand. Make sure to go around and don’t miss the highest tower place as captured in photo below, where you can put the love lock to commemorate your love with loved ones by purchasing the padlocks for only THB 100 per couple. Sweet, isn’t it? 😉


DSC_7495-18DSC_7499-20DSC_7501-21DSC_7480-16 DSC_7476-15DSC_7497-19 DSC_7494-18DSC_7460-12 copy DSC_7503-23 DSC_7504-24DSC_7432

After you are done with photo session (LOL!), you can now move to the BARN! Did I tell you before that here in Primo Piazza, you can also meet not-so-common animals in Asia and actually feed them with your own hands? Yes, it’s included in the attraction and I am sure you’ll also find it interesting! They have 3 kinds of animals from Australia there: Merino, Alpaca, and Donkey. From the main area (the buildings and stuffs), you’ll see an open green area made to look like a valley, it reminded me of this movie called The Sound of Music, LOL! By walking across the “valley”, you will arrive at the barn, but beware of the smell. Don’t say I didn’t warn you, hahaha! XD

DSC_7502-22 DSC_7483-17DSC_7413-1 DSC_7535-26 DSC_7528-25 DSC_7544 DSC_7541-28

Honestly, I didn’t know what to expect before my visit to Primo Piazza, but I thought it is “just” a restaurant decorated in piazza style building. In fact, I really had so much fun there, and although I didn’t join the animal feeding process (couldn’t stand the smell), I practically took a lot of photos (selfies included, ha!) and never felt enough. It was a Sunday noon and the sun was very strong but the weather was great, it was a little windy and I felt that I could breathe deeply without any cough. I was glad that we finally made it to Primo Piazza, at last!

DSC_7557-32 DSC_7566-33 DSC_7572-34

DSC_7442-10 DSC_7556-31

Last but not least, you can visit Primo Piazza for minutes, for hours, and I am sure you’ll feel the same happiness as I did when you leave. The environment is really helpful doing magic in rejuvenating my inner soul, and I hope it will do the same to you, too. A trip doesn’t have to be expensive, but it has to be a memorable one, in a good way. With stunning scenery, elegant Italian architecture, and cosy atmosphere, Primo Piazza is definitely a MUST VISIT place in Khao Yai.

Thank you for reading and stay tuned for more updates! Ciao!



Currency Rate: THB 1 = +/- IDR 400 = +/- USD 0.028

** This review is written based on our visit on 5 February 2017.


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