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The Terrace is an Asian Bistro, Grill and Bar located inside the prestigious Senayan National Golf Club, just next to the more popularly known Takumi Robata & Sushi. Little that I knew that this dining place actually exists in the complex, because there is hardly any proper sign indicating its existence, and the place looks more like a spacious hall rather than a cafe.

The Terrace occupies a very huge area, accessible through main entrance of the Golf Club white building. There are many entrances to the restaurant area, leading to a semi-open restaurant with good view to the golf field. In case of tournaments, I think this place is meant to be used for watching.

In the center of the room, there is a buffet stand, which (during our visit) was used to prepare the food for the upcoming event later that noon, but somehow I am kinda sure that it also works as bar as I saw some bottles on the shelves.

In my opinion, the place itself is very comfortable and “grand”, thanks to the spacious area and high ceiling, but since the concept is semi-open, it was very hot and humid during daytime, although fans and air conditioners were working well.

DSC_4496 DSC_4498 DSC_4499 DSC_4500The Terrace offers selection of Asian dishes, mainly Indonesian cuisine, from appetizers, main courses, until desserts. Prices range from IDR 29,000 to 219,000.

Garang Asam Buntut IDR 129,000

Spicy and sour oxtail soup served with steamed rice and condiments.

The “garang asam” soup was very rich in flavor with inviting, strong sourness. The spiciness, not really, but it comes with separated chili paste and sweet soy sauce, so we can always enhance the taste according to our own preferences. I was surprised that they put LOTS of oxtails inside! While the other oxtail soups usually are all about the soup and one or two oxtail chunks, this came with 6 big, meaty ones. Love how the spices from the soup were fully absorbed to the meat.

DSC_4538 DSC_4511 DSC_4546

Nasi Bakar IDR 109,000

Grilled steamed rice with Indonesian spices wrapped in banana leaf, served with fried chicken, beef, salty fish and condiments.

Along with the one above, this is also the signature dishes from The Terrace. As much as I love the first one, I must say I like this much more. The rice was soft and very aromatic, with a tasty fillings dominated by taste of dried shrimps (I am not sure if they used any, though). The sides were okay but where was the fried chicken, beef, and salty fish like written on the menu? The chili paste was spicy and complimented the rice so well.

DSC_4553 DSC_4558

Es Kacang Senayan IDR 39,000

Crushed ice topped with cream of corn, mung beans, red beans, peanut and lychees.

Always a fan of Indonesian ice-based desserts (and other traditional desserts, anyway XD), I like this one a lot. The beans really mixed together nicely, there were natural sweetness as well as distinctive taste from each ingredients.


Es Sirsak Kelapa Muda IDR 39,000

Soursop and fresh coconut, crushed ice, milk and syrup.

This comes in a beautiful green color but it wasn’t our favorite. Must say that they gave the coconut and soursop very generously, though. The taste was dominated by soursop and syrup, with coconut as the side flavor but the texture was all there. If you like soursop or coconut, this is definitely for you.

Actually I don’t even want to conclude my visit this time as we only got to try very few dishes (only 2 main courses) and 2 desserts. Normally I at least try more than 5 menu to be able to be opinionated about how good or not-so-good food from a restaurant. However, from these 4 menu, I actually liked 3 of them so it means it’s quite good, right?

I wasn’t really keen on the service, though. Some waitresses were quite impolite and didn’t even respond when called. Asking something from them needed so long time to be done. This is not a service that is worth additional 11% charge to the bill, IMHO. Of course this didn’t apply to all the waiters/waitresses, at least a waiter was very proper and responsive.

Will I go back? YES, for the Nasi Bakar! <333


*All prices are subject to 11% service charge & 10% government tax

*The Food Escape team are not paid whatsoever for writing this post.


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