Madame Lily (or shortened as MDL) is a modern cafe with royal, luxurious European-themed interior that easily attracts attention when you happen to walk by. With its first outlet located at one of the most prestigious shopping malls in Jakarta, Plaza Indonesia, MDL has spread its wings to yet another popular eating spot in Kota Kasablanka. Personally, I had never been in any of its outlets until the visit this time, but I admit my decision to stop by was mostly because of how the place looks (I know, such a shameful, shallow reason, right? -_-;;). 


MDL serves Eastern and Western food, with variety of Indonesian dishes, as well as Asian-Western fusion, and the prices are quite reasonable too. Price ranges from IDR 25K to 175K for food, with the highest one is actually the price for a western steak, not bad, right?

Tahu Isi IDR 28K
I love this Indonesian traditional snack! Tahu isi (stuffed tofu) is a nice light snack that is made from tofu, stuffed with veggies like bean sprouts, carrots, and many others, then deep-fried. Here, the tofu were served with a brown thin sauce, that tasted sweet and spicy. Just perfect to enjoy while waiting for the main courses to come!

Peach Iced Tea IDR 25K
The fruity drinks came in a cute, round glass which usually we find in chemistry lab. The peach taste was quite distinct, blended nicely with the tea.

Spicy Dory Salad IDR 45K
Actually I ordered this as an appetizer, didn’t expect that it could actually become a main course. Well, I must say, great and satisfying portion beside the good taste too. The dory was well-fried, very crispy outside and soooo soft inside, served with sweet and spicy sauce on the bottom. The salad was combination of various leaves, they even had arugula inside. The leaves were fresh and crunchy, and the dory was given quite generously. To be honest, it was already fulfilling to eat as a meal, but if you want heavier one, just order a plate of white rice, and you’ll be more than satisfied, seriously!

Bakmi Ayam Rica-Rica IDR 35K
Rica-rica is one of my favorite spicy seasonings that originally comes from Manado, North Sulawesi. It’s known as a very spicy, hot, and bold seasoning, which are made from combination of chili, garlic, shallots, lemongrass, kaffir lime leaves, pandan leaves, ginger, and many other spices. I for one always love rica rica and I was glad I found this in the menu. The noodle didn’t disappoint at all, it might be just a usual noodle but the chicken topping was excellent! It was super spicy and I literally dropped tears while eating, and as if it wasn’t enough, the noodle actually was served with another pot of spicy chili sauce on the side. I was warned about the spiciness, but well, ordered for that and wasn’t disappointed!

Pizza Tuna Sambal Matah IDR 65K
Another creative dish from MDL, the tuna pizza topped with sambal Matah, which is a raw Balinese spicy sambal. Why raw? Because sambal matah’s ingredients are all raw materials and nothing is cooked when served. Of course the pizza and tuna and everything was grilled, but later it was sprinkled generously with the sambal matah. The pizza was ridiculously hot and spicy, but I mean it in a good way. I especially love the taste of tuna mixed with the spicy chili, it was just perfect! Don’t claim yourself a spicy fan if you have never tried this yet! 😉

MDL Nasi Goreng Belacan IDR 35K
This is one of their signature dishes and I understood why. The fried rice was cooked with belacan (or terasi, or shrimp paste), making it super tasty, aromatic (some call it smelly, ha!) and strong in flavor. Honestly, this is not for the faint-hearted, because once you can’t take it, most probably you’ll hate it. Personally I can never say no to smelly, strong taste fried rice like this, so it was a champion for me. Now I demand they add some petai a.k.a. stinky beans and it would be a perfect dish! XD

BBQ Chicken Pizza IDR 65K
Probably not a special dish but I loved the smoky taste and aroma of the BBQ chicken. Wish that they reduced the amount of tomato sauce on top, though.

Italian Grilled Chicken with Baked Ratatouille IDR 95K
Although it didn’t look too good, the grilled chicken was stunningly delicious! The chicken was grilled very nicely until became very soft and tender, literally melted inside mouth. It was accompanied with some sort of lemon butter sauce, which I didn’t really fancy, and also a baked ratatouille, which tasted more like a failed lasagna rather than ratatouille. Still an enjoyable dish, though!

Overall, I think the food were good and prices are alright, considerably affordable for some reasons. Nice place with great ambiance and interior, big pressure for guests like us who take pictures of food (LOL!) because the entire place is dark and lighting is very minimum, dominated by yellow tones. Service was super terrible (please note that I visited the Kota Kasablanka outlet, so I have no idea about the service in Plaza Indonesia outlet), staffs were not attentive and just grouped around inside. Bad choice that we took the table in the front side, but actually we had no choice because inner side was smoking area and we brought kids there.

Will I come back? Definitely yes. And crossing my fingers that they will improve the service.

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Madame Lily (MDL) Cafe
Kota Kasablanka Mall Food Society G Floor 
Jl. Casablanca Raya Kav. 88
Jakarta Selatan 12870
Ph. +62 21 29488800 
Free Wi-Fi: Available
Opening Hours: Mon-Sun 10.00 – 22.00

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