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MAISON TATSUYA Teppanyaki & Grill is the latest creation of Arena Group, the F&B group behind the trustworthy names such as Seribu Rasa, Penang Bistro, Hong Kong Cafe (HKC), La Hoya, and many more. It just opens last November in Gandaria City mall, and basically the concept is actually the “upgraded” version of TATSUYA Teppanyaki in Central Park mall, which has been operating since early 2010.

But unlike TATSUYA which specializes only on teppanyaki, this new outlet also offers selections of other food from appetizers to pasta, and also grilled stuffs like steak menu.

The restaurant is quite big and spacious, divided into 2 seating areas: Teppan area where we can enjoy the live cooking show, and Grill area. Choosing where to sit is important because if you sit in Grill area, you are NOT allowed to order any teppan menu, while in Teppan area, you can order everything on the menu.

The bottom line is, if you don’t mind the smoke and smell, it’s recommended to sit in teppan area for full menu access!



Teppan area


Grill area



For the Food & Beverages, the prices range from IDR 12,000 to IDR 325,000. And all orders have to be made through tablets that are nicely prepared on every tables.

For the teppanyaki, there are several set menu available:

Fuji (IDR 145,000)
Tofu, Vegetables, Salmon, Prawn, Chicken, Bean Sprout, Fried Rice, Miso Soup

Ume (IDR 175,000)
Tofu, Vegetables, Salmon, Prawn, US Sirloin Beef, Bean Sprout, Fried Rice, Miso Soup
Umi (IDR 185,000)
Tofu, Vegetables, Salmon, Prawn, Scallop, Cuttlefish, Bean Sprout, Fried Rice, Miso Soup
Sakura (IDR 185,000)
Tofu, Vegetables, Salmon, Prawn, US Rib Eye, Bean Sprout, Fried Rice, Miso Soup
Kiku (IDR 230,000)
Tofu Teppan, Vegetables, Salmon, Prawn, US Tenderloin, Bean Sprout, Fried Rice, Miso Soup
Tatsuya (IDR 280,000)
Tofu Teppan, Vegetables, Salmon, Prawn, US Wagyu, Bean Sprout, Fried Rice, Miso Soup


Meet Chef Budi, our teppan master that day!

Tatsuya Teppanyaki Set IDR 280,000

I chose the Tatsuya set because I wanted to try their US Wagyu meat, which is the main star of the set. As you probably have noticed already, the difference of each set lies on the “star”: from chicken to scallop, and also different parts and grades of meat.



Beautiful red and white combination of the US Wagyu meat.



The US Wagyu undoubtedly is WONDERFUL! It’s amazing how soft and tender the meat is, despite of its thickness. I prefer my meat to be cooked medium-rare or medium, or (maximum) medium-well, and this one was cooked to medium level, which was perfect. It’s not only the looks but the taste was also very delicious and juicy when eaten, literally melted inside the mouth. Smooth!





If you think that the price is high for a set like that, it’s actually not, judging from the quality of ingredients used and trust me, Tatsuya has been quite well-known for its nice, delicious teppanyaki dishes. It’s worth trying and without even realizing, you will definitely want to go back for more, LOL.

Smoked Beef & Tofu Salad IDR 45,000

I love Japanese salad because of its lighter dressing and refreshing taste. Same with the salad menu in Maison Tatsuya, everything is made in Japanese style, that’s why they are suitable to awaken our appetite without being overwhelming.

I tried this smoked beef and tofu salad, which is mixed with my favorite wafu dressing, it’s a little sweet, sour, and savory. Simply delicious.



Scallop Uni Sauce Spaghetti IDR 95,000

The pasta menu only use spaghetti so the differences are just the sauce and seafood used. The spaghetti was great, medium hardness, not sticky at all. The sauce tasted just like uni (sea urchin), amazing! The scallop was fresh and thick, without any annoying smell.


Mushroom Mentaiko Spaghetti IDR 78,000

Tell you what, mentaiko is our (I & Mr. K) least favorite sauce for pasta, and that’s why we don’t really fancy Japanese pasta. But we didn’t even need to close one eye on this, we actually loved it. We enjoyed eating this by mixing everything first and then the whole ingredients became one delicious dish with seafood aroma and taste, complemented with the mushroom.


Shrimp Pesto Truffle Spaghetti IDR 78,000

This is my personal favorite pasta that I tried that day. The pesto truffle was superb. It is not a new thing anymore than many Japanese restaurants now experimenting with pesto sauce and I have found several good ones so far, but this one was even better. The pesto was rich and fragrant, almost gave me the feeling of additional herbs and spices inside it. The shrimps were super fresh and crunchy (I could hear myself making the sound munching on it!), seriously I am addicted!



US Tenderloin Steak IDR 195,000
I can’t even describe this with words because it was SO GOOD.

I am such a weak heart when it comes to Japanese sauce or dressing, especially the ones for grilling. The meat is already a big winner because of its super tender and juicy consistency, but the sauce is what makes me crazy.

And good news is, even if you don’t want tenderloin, you can order other types of meat and still enjoy the holy sauce I mentioned above because it’s their House’s Special Sauce!




Beautiful texture!


Ginza Mojito Fizz IDR 36,000

The combination of mojito mint, wasabi, and lime makes a nice and “surprising” taste of drink. If only the mint wasn’t too strong, it could be much better.


Niwa Tea Breeze IDR 36,000

Another drink with a mix of elderflower, mojito mint, and lemon. The elderflower taste was really distinctive and gave quite a twist to the tea, and again, slightly overpowered by the mint taste. Other than that, it was actually a nice, innovative drink.


Banana Flambe IDR 40,000

Not only food, we also wanted some live action show for the dessert! So yes, there was no other thing better than having my Banana Flambe burned right in front of me, woohoo!


Scroll down for pictures!





The result is a very tasty banana with hint of burnt smell and taste, so delicious! And did I mention that the rum taste is also quite strong and perfect with the cinnamon powder on top? <33


Green Tea Chocolate Cake IDR 32,000

This cake is an example why green tea can be a great pair with chocolate, and still have elegant touch from the looks of it. Naturally, green tea has certain bitterness that will help neutralizing the sweetness from the chocolate, that’s why the combination works so well. Although this one was still a bit frozen when it was served, the taste was undeniably good.




Maison Tatsuya amazed me with its food quality and great hospitality. I can see myself coming back often as I frequently visit Gandaria City as well. The great thing is that everything I experienced there is supported with nice atmosphere and place, so it’s also suitable for family or even business gatherings. Wish all the best for the new joint and hope to come back again soon!



*All prices are subject to 5% service charge & 10% government tax


Visited on: 6 December 2014

** The Food Escape team are not paid whatsoever for writing this post.

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