This was my second time visiting this interesting restaurant. First time, it was for lunch and this time it was for dinner. It’s still as good as the last time I came, even more crowded at night time. 
The Paulaner sign just in front of the corridor.

.. leading to the glory of beer.

Waiters/waitresses dressed in Bavarian clothing
Behind the bar where they serve the beer
Entering the large dining area, there is a big stage
for live performances

Our table was the one in the middle, with the long seats.

Fork and Knife stand, very neat!

The infamous Paulaner’s beers
Light/Lager Beer & Dark Beer (0.5L)
0.3L – Rp. 60.000,-
0.5L – Rp. 74.000,-
1L – Rp. 120.000,-
Appetizers – Variety of Spreads (Rp. 65.000,-)
Liver sausage, pork schmaltz and spiced cheese spread,
served with freshly baked bread
Starters – Braumeisterbrotzeit (Rp. 77.700,-)
Selection of Bavarian cold cuts and cured hams, cheese
and Paulaner Bread

Bayerischer Wurstelmix (Rp. 120.000,-)
Bavarian sausage platter of 1 pc Nuernberger,
1 pc pork sausage and 1 pc Vienna sausage
served with sauerkraut and mashed potato

Crispy pork knuckle (Rp. 220.000,-)
served with sauerkraut and bread dumpling
       Food are nice like usual. It seems like I will never get enough of their food, especially the pork knuckles! It’s soooo nice that I feel like crying everytime I have a bite. The pork will melt in your mouth the moment it touches your tongue, yes, it’s THAT good. 🙂 The beer is amazingly delicious, I really enjoy every gulp that glides down my throat, ha!
        Service, not really. I think they’re running out of waiters and waitresses. Man, the place is big. I’m sure they could use more hands to help managing orders or whatever. The food comes way too fast too, sometimes. Like, we were just enjoying our appetizers and cold starters when I ordered the sausages and pork knuckles, then in another 5 minutes, boom, those 2 were ready to serve on our table. 
          Last but not least, it’s such a wonderful dining experience and a great place to just order and drink beer, hang out with friends or family. Although it’s kinda pricey, I’ll definitely come back and bring some more friends here. I’ll give my overall rating of 9/10.
Paulaner Brauhaus
Ground Level East Mall Grand Indonesia Shopping Town
Tel. (62 21) 2358 3871