Some days ago, we visited a simple coffee shop in Lippo Mall Kemang, Kopi Kitchen. We were looking for some drinks and light meals, and this place got our attention right away. It is separated into two areas (indoor and outdoor), both sides look very comfortable, homey and inviting. I especially like the indoor seating, looks like a regular canteen with modern twist. However, the advantage of the outdoor area is that you can actually enjoy the views of other restaurants in Avenue of The Stars area.

Carrot Cake IDR 55K/slice

It was hard to resist because it just looked so cute from the cake display near the counter. The cake was yummy, and instead of cream cheese, they use butter cream instead. And although some people might be disappointed for that, but I am more into butter cream rather than cream cheese, so without further ado, I just ordered it. The texture of the cake was a bit too rough for a carrot cake, and I still could see some carrot pieces here and there, while I actually prefer smoothly grated carrot for the cake. It was alright, but way overpriced.

Iced Yakult Green Tea IDR 27K

I actually loved this yakult mixed drink. Some of yakult drinks I tried in some places are totally bad (too sour, too bland, too sweet, etc), but this one was perfect. I also liked how the sourness of the yakult didn’t dominate the whole drink and I could actually still taste the green tea.

Green Tea Grasshopper Blended IDR 37K

Surprisingly, this is no typical blended green tea. In the nutshell, it tasted like cold green tea latte, which has a very strong taste of green tea mixed with milk and cream. So it was actually very rich and thick.

Beside coffee and drinks, they also serve meals, light or heavy. And let me tell you, the cakes are quite big in size, and I really wanted to try the others like the chocolate ones and even the New York cheesecakes! Hmm, probably in my next visit!

*All prices are subject to 5.5% service charge & 10% government tax
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Kopi Kitchen
Lippo Mall Kemang Level UG Unit 07OD
Jl. Pangeran Antasari 36
Jakarta Selatan
Ph. +62 21 2952 8367
Free Wi-fi: Available
Opening Hours: Mon-Sun 10.00 – 22.00 
Estimated Spending: IDR 100.000/person