Last time when I was driving towards Pluit area, we wanted to have some quick dinner in Muara Karang. But it was around 6++pm, so driving to Muara Karang wasn’t a good idea because of the massive traffic jam. We finally stopped by Cosi, a restaurant that we always saw and heard about, but never really attracted us to try.
It is located just on the main street, very easy to find. The parking lot is also quite spacious. In the same building, there are also some other food places. The place is quite big, there were many tables occupied, which I found convincing as it was just another weekday. As soon as we were seated in one booth, we were assisted by a skillful waiter, who clearly knows what he does. Cosi’s main specialties are Hong Kong & Macau cuisines (at least that’s what I read somewhere). 
Drink, Dine & Unwind
Warm atmosphere creates retro feel. 
Don’t be afraid to bring your children along, there is a play field for them while you’re enjoying your food.

Tea & Coffee Mix with Grass Jelly – IDR 19.000
Everytime I go to this kind of restaurants, I will order this. The first time I tried tea & coffee mix drink, I was surprised of the unique taste. I always thought that combination of tea and coffee will be weird, but boy, how I was wrong! This was also not an exception, didn’t fail to satisfy me that night 🙂

Bintang Beer – IDR 22.000

Babosa Dumplings – IDR 38.000
It was supposed to be an appetizer, although it didn’t look like one. Basically it was just usual dumplings, served with red sauce, somewhat like Marinara sauce. It was unique, but a bit weird for my liking. The sauce was too sweet and heavy for the dumplings. I felt a bit nauseous just thinking about it now, oopsie.

HK Noodle Beef (Crispy Pan Fried) – IDR 38.000
One of the main specialties in Cosi is the Hong Kong Noodle, which can be made stir-fried or crispy pan-fried. Since I’m a big fan of crispy noodles poured by yummy sauces, I chose the crispy one. It turned out to be really, really delicious. The noodle was crispy like heaven, the sauce was so tasty I didn’t even need to add more chili sauce or whatever. Everything was just perfectly cooked, sauce wasn’t too thick and salty, just alright.

Baked Rice: Pork Chop with Three Season Sauce – IDR 40.000
When this was served, I couldn’t help but felt disappointed. The presentation wasn’t even similar to the one in the menu book. Mr. P said it tasted nice, though. There are 3 types of strong sauces involved, tomato sauce, curry sauce and I don’t remember the other one. Worth a try.

Hor-fun Seafood – IDR 42.000
Hor-fun is thick flat rice noodle, looks like kway teow, but the slices are a bit bigger/wider. The seafood was nice, big chunks of shrimps and squids, etc. Sauce was thick and too bold, almost too much to be eaten. It was also very oily, definitely not recommended for weak stomach.
Cosi Hong Kong & Macau Cafe Restaurant
Pluit Putera Raya No. 15A
Tel. 021 669 1166