I and Mr. K always had the plans to visit Crematology since long time ago, but for some reasons, the plans always got cancelled and we could just make our first visit last week. Actually the biggest excuse that I can say is that I am not so much a morning person and prefer to work during night time until very late (which you can probably tell from the time I usually upload my blog post), and for other reasons we always planned to visit this coffee shop very early in the morning for the sake of the breakfast, so in the end, the plans were just plans that had never been done. So last week, finally we made it, yayness!
Crematology itself has been around for quite sometime, located in the ‘it’ area, Senopati, it has been a popular choice for coffee or just enjoying light bites or all-day breakfast menu. The building is shared with another restaurant, Commune Bistro, so from the street, make sure to look for the sign so you don’t miss it. The place is very big and spacious for a coffee shop, with a very unique theme for the interior. When I entered the place, I felt like I went inside cabin/hut in Alaska or something, but of course, with more modern touch. It is very comfortable and we can choose any type of seatings that we like, from comfy sofa, cushioned-chairs or just wooden ones. There are also some tables available outside for guests who want to smoke. Basically, the place is perfect for just a lonely coffee break or group meetings. 


Coffee Powder for the ashtray, cool!

Piccolo Latte IDR 30K
Piccolo is mini cafe latte, and usually I prefer this to cafe latte. The ratio of espresso and steamed milk used in the glass is same like cafe latte (1/3 espresso : 2/3 steamed milk, or 1:2), but it’s served in a machiatto glass, then about 0.5 cm of foam added on the top. The piccolo here was nice and mild, yet aromatic enough for me. The barista also gave us the chocolate rice crispy alike snack that went really well with the latte. If you prefer mild and refreshing coffee, then this one is for you.

Butter Croissant with Nutella Spread IDR 24K
Croissant is one of my favorite breakfast snack (yes, I can never consider it a heavier meal..), so it was automatically ordered. The croissant comes with Nutella chocolate spread, and it was given quite generously. The croissant looked very good with the golden color and it was already sliced when served (nice gesture!), but it was a bit disappointing in term of texture. Definitely not a fresh one, it had already hardened and lost its moisture, making it not so enjoyable anymore. Perhaps I will come back another time and cross my fingers so that I can get the freshly baked ones.

Big Breakfast IDR 78K
Our main reason in the first place visiting this coffee shop is this. Sorry, not the coffee because we literally drooled over delicious photos of the breakfast menus in Instagram, LOL! The so-called “Big Breakfast” was indeed big, but well, I can easily finish all this by myself. Eat breakfast like a King, remember? XD And because I was feeling quite generous that time, so we shared this together and surprise, surprise! This platter fulfilled our tummies until dinner, LOL! Breakfast is indeed very good to keep you energized during the day! My favorite was of course the fat, thick, smokey sausages, followed the sunny side up and toast bread. Mr. K is a huge fan of baked beans so he was happy it was included in there.

Nutella Frappe IDR 44K
I have heard so many people say that this is a must-order whenever you come to Crematology, so here it is, the infamous Nutella Frappe! Needless to say, this was amazingly delicious, like you put globs of Nutella in your coffee and blend them all together. The best thing was even though it tasted very Nutella, it wasn’t overly sweet.

Cappuccino (L) IDR 39K
I ordered this large size cappuccino for the sake of the Crematology infamous cups with their logo crafted on it! *facepalm* But honestly, it was a good move because the cappuccino was great. Not only the beautiful latte art, it also tasted nice. This was literally my 3rd coffee that morning and I just couldn’t stop if we didn’t have any other appointment after that!

Well, for a coffee shop that has been opened only since 6 months ago, Crematology Coffee Roasters seriously is one of the strongest in the game right now. My visit explained it all and now I understand why there is so much fuss about this place. Definitely a recommended place to enjoy a cup of coffee and unwind after a long day at work, or just spending your me-time. We for sure will come back for another round of coffee, or just their Nutella Frappe
Meanwhile, keep on roasting, and best of luck!!!

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