When it comes to finding authentic Spanish cuisine in Jakarta, only few so-called Spanish restaurants are reliable. So when I heard about the Plan B Spanish Resto located just a block away from my house, I made a plan to visit there as soon as I had time. Forgive my ignorance, I had been knowing about this particular place called Plan B since quite some time, but always thought it was a coffee shop or something. After I found out that it *is* actually a restaurant serving Spanish cuisine, I waited no more.



Dominated with warm colors such as orange and brown, the place feels like home the moment I stepped in. There are two areas: indoor and outdoor, both look very nice and cozy. Personally, I really felt like I wasn’t in Jakarta when I was there, just totally love the ambiance, music, and everything.










Although our visit was entirely our own will, in the end it became kind of food tasting session (long story..), and we were very happy that we could meet and talk to the owner and chef of Plan B, Chef Oskar Urzelai. If you read his brief work experiences here, you know that this restaurant is no joke. In reality, he is a very kind man with visible passion towards his cooking. He told us that many people here love Spanish food and some of the ingredients are still imported to assure the taste and quality.

Since we already ordered and finished some food before the tasting began, we really appreciated when the Chef ordered tapas for us. These are probably the “Chef’s Recommendation” (literally), so if you happen to stop by, maybe you can start ordering these too! Beside tapas, there are also other authentic Spanish cuisine like pintxos, paella, fideua (noodle version of paella), arroz meloso, and wide selections of homemade desserts!


Green Peppers Stuffed with Prawns IDR 35K
Pimentos Rellenos de Gambas
Coming first, this was a total kick! The green peppers were not exactly the spiciest and the hottest, but the orange sauce was strong and addictive. The prawns were kind of mashed, very soft and tasty. This won my heart immediately and I voted that as the best dish of the day!


Prawns Sauteed with Garlic and Parsley IDR 45K
Gambas al Ajillo
This is probably the most favorite tapas menu in Plan B, and I think I understand why. The prawns were very fresh (and big!), well-sauteed, very tasty and crunchy. The soup was very enjoyable especially with the side bread. In short, it was finger-licking delicious! 


Toasted Baguette with Salmon, Cream Cheese and Gherkin IDR 35K
Montadito de Salmon Marinado, Queso Crema y Pepinillo
Not a fan of cream cheese, I found this very edible because the tasty salmon dominated everything, and I could just feel a little hint of cream cheese. When I bite it, the crunchiness of the bread worked really well together with the softness of the salmon. It was perfectly balanced. 

Octopus Cometas Style (Typical Octopus Galician Style) IDR 38K
Pulpo a la Cometas
Now seriously, I can eat octopus but time to time, I avoid baby octopuses because they look so frightening on the plate. This one was intimidating because one of them looked like it was sitting (or standing) in the middle, looked very alive, LOL! Cooked with potatoes and paprika sauce, the octopus was very tasty, fresh and strong! This might look scary, but once you try, it’s hard to stop! 

Chicken and Egg Croquettes IDR 29K
Croquetas de Pollo y Huevo
Croquettes are very familiar to us since Indonesians also have been eating croquettes for a long, long time. These might look like regular croquettes, but when I bite it, I was surprised because the skin was very crispy! The filling wasn’t too much and just enough to enhance the taste, lovely! 

Before I continue writing about each dessert, let me just say that the desserts ROCK!! Lately whenever I go to desserts place or restaurants specializing in desserts, most of the time I would feel ripped off. You know, the overpriced, not-so-yummy desserts that make you regret spending so much money on them. But here in Plan B, this certainly won’t happen!
Pannacotta with Mint Sauce IDR 29K
Pannacotta con Salsa de Menta
As I know, Pannacotta is actually some sort of Italian cooked cream, so the texture is not similar to pudding. However, most all the time, I find that what people here mean by “pannacotta” is pudding so I had never really had a pannacotta with right texture. When I took a spoonful of the pannacotta, I knew it was different and it didn’t take long before we finished it. I mean, it was so DAMNNN GOOD!! Like, crazily good! The pannacotta texture was so soft and creamy, the mint sauce wasn’t too minty but had hint of freshness. Let me just say this is THE BEST PANNACOTTA EVER in Jakarta so far!


Classic Creme Caramel with Whipping Cream IDR 27K
Flan Casero de Huevo con Nata
I am always a fan of flan, and this one was not an exception. The flan was not the most beautiful one in the world, but the flaws and the wrinkles are the evidences of how it was made. Loved the quite crispy top and edge, soft whipping cream and not overly-sweet sauce.

Lemon Tart with Meringue and Toffee Sauce IDR 29K
Tarta de Limon Merengada con Salsa de Toffee
This was so good that I literally screamed. The lemon tart was sooo YUMMY, sweet and sour (more into sour), that’s when the meringue came in handy. The sweet meringue was gloriously spread around giving another twist to the sour lemon cake. LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!


Spanish Creme Brulee with Burnt Cinnamon Sugar IDR 29K
Crema Catalana con Azucar de Canela
I admit I wanted this because of the cup size. And turned out it was SOOOOOO DELICIOUS! Normally I love creme brulee, but not a fanatic and in most cases, I couldn’t really finish a cup by myself because of the sweetness and creamy smell. Surprise, surprise! Yours truly kept this cup to herself and didn’t let anyone go near that, finished this in seconds. And if you ask me, yes, it was THAT good. XD


Plan B certainly is not a newbie in the hood, as it has been operating since 2012. I kind of regret that I have just found about this awesome place now, but late is better than never, right? XD Well, anyway, thank you, Mr. Oskar and Mr. Santiago for having us, see you soon!


*All prices are subject to 5% service charge & 10% government tax

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Plan B Spanish Resto
Rukan Permata Senayan Blok D 25-26
Jl. Tentara Pelajar
Jakarta Selatan 12210
Ph. +62 21 5794 0821
Opening Hours: Mon-Sat 08.00 – 24.00


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