Ron’s Laboratory is located on the 5th floor of West Mall in Grand Indonesia, which always seems to be busy and packed everytime. Now what makes this place so special?

Serving very unique and innovative creations of liquid nitrogen gelato, Ron’s Laboratory quickly become one of the hottest, trendiest and most talked shops in the city. You might think that there are many other shops that sell the same stuffs, but here, there are always new and quirky creations coming up, and sometimes those are just beyond your expectations!
The place is decorated with lab’s theme, with all the staffs wearing lab coats and making it looks like real scientists laboratory. The gelato menu are not many and the prices range around IDR 50K – 60K, and you can order additional liquid “injection” which will be put inside sterile syringes, costs IDR 8K each.

During my visit this time, the only available menus were only 4 flavors of gelato and 1 new flavor that just comes up this month. I wanted to try the M2NC3 (M&M Gelato with Cookies and Cream Cheese injection) but too bad it was sold out. And you know, my visit was on a Monday afternoon, and the place was frikkin’ crowded, hail to Ron’s, seriously!

Mango Pudding Dimsum IDR 55K

Mango gelato with evaporated milk fla injection. This is actually the new flavor of this month. The name is very cheesy yet true (at least to me) because mango pudding in Chinese restaurants just rocks! Especially ordering one after loading your tummy with dimsum, a cup of mango pudding tastes even better, LOL! The mango gelato was very, very nice, tasted just like mango pudding. And what’s better to accompany your mango pudding other than milk? This is completely a no brainer but I am so glad Ron’s bring this as one of their gelato flavors. 

The Breakfast IDR 60K with additional Coffee injection IDR 8K

Plain base gelato with Nutella swirl topped with crunchy cornflakes. This was recommended by the staff so there could be nothing wrong, I supposed. As the name is The Breakfast, so I added coffee injection to match the cornflakes flavor, and it turned out very delicious! The coffee was quite warm when served, though, so when I injected it into the gelato, it melted right away. The plain base gelato wasn’t as plain as I imagined, instead it was very yummy and I could really taste the hints of Nutella, just nice. And I thought the cornflakes were not enough, but well, I was wrong. Cornflakes already has strong and distinctive taste of corn, so adding just few is already enough but not overkill the other flavors in the cup. Bravo!

My advice is, if you wanna come here, just pick any day during the weekdays. I have been here many times on weekends and I usually avoid visiting because the line of people queuing is just too damn crazy! Although the place was also very full and crowded during my visit on a weekday, at least I didn’t have to wait or queue so long just to order.

*All prices are subject to NO service charge & NO government tax
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Ron’s Laboratory
Grand Indonesia Shopping Town
West Mall 5th Floor ED2-12B
Jl. M.H. Thamrin No. 1
Jakarta Pusat 10310
Ph. +62 21 9878 2192
Free Wi-fi: N/A
Opening Hours: Mon-Sun 10.00 – 24.00