Sometime ago, I was offered to review a healthy snacks by Healthy Monsters, yet another online-based shop from Instagram. I am not really into healthy food although I am a doctor myself, because I believe that the key to healthy life is actually very simple, just be happy and avoid stress, much easier to say than to actually do it, I know- but well, in the end I accepted the offer because the healthy snacks come in 2 shapes: Energy Bars and Wholegrain Granola; which are simply ones of my favorite snacks without even need to feel guilty afterwards.
Let me start first from the background. The owner, Ms. Elisse, said that she has been trying to eat healthy for the past year. And Healthy Monsters is invented when a close friend of hers encouraged her that she should try selling these healthy snacks that she baked herself, yes, you got it right, these snacks are all homemade. To top it all, she only uses natural ingredients, adding no preservatives or artificial flavorings in their products. 🙂
Currently, there are only Energy Bars and Nut Crunch Granola available for order, but she expects to add more items in the near future. Both can be eaten as pre or post-workout snack, as well as occasional snack whenever you need them. Adding some milk and yogurt, dried or fresh fruits is great too!
Goji Berry Energy Bars IDR 28K/pack of 100 gr (4 bars)

Cranberry Energy Bars IDR 28K/pack of 100 gr (4 bars)

For the Energy Bars, there are 4 flavors: Raisin, Apricot, Goji Berry and Cranberry. With ingredients such as oats, sliced almonds, pumpkin seed, sunflower seed, flax seed, rice crispies, honey, and respective fruits, the energy bars are seriously healthy and full of nutritions. I tried Goji Berry and Cranberry ones, and I was totally amazed by how delicious those bars are! The textures were good and crunchy, the taste was colorful, had right sweetness and addicting. These bars must be kept in air-tight container inside the fridge, and can last up to 14 days. 
The other ones, Nut Crunch Granola, only come in 3 flavors, same with Energy Bars, minus the Goji Berry. They put additional organic brown sugar, dried fruits and spices in the ingredients, making it “more fulfilling” in one and another way. I tried the Raisin and Apricot ones, again, I was darn impressed by the taste! I mean, hello, these are not only edible healthy food but these are delicious! Different from the energy bars, the granola can be kept at room temperature and can last up to 30 days if put in air-tight container after opening. And yes, eating this with milk, yogurt, handful of fruits, or just eating it like that (tried them all!) are alright, just be creative and do as you like! 😉

I added some dried fruits, fresh raspberries, kiwi slices, and honey!

Drizzle the granola with milk, you can’t even resist it!

Nut Crunch Granola IDR 50K/pack of 250 gr
If you happen to order and quote “Food Escape” during order and submit a screenshot that you have followed their instagram, you will get a 10% discount with minimum purchase of IDR 100K, so what are you waiting for? 😉
*The Food Escape team are not paid whatsoever for writing this post.

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