For majority of Indonesians, the holy month Ramadan is very special occasion and many restaurants here celebrate this month with all kinds of promotion, mostly All You Can Eat packages to “break the fast” (berbuka puasa). Hotels usually have the similar promotions and this time we are going to share with you the special Ramadan Iftar Buffet in Feast Restaurant, Sheraton Bandung Hotel & Towers.

If you have been following our Snapchat (add us at FoodEscape if you haven’t, thanks!), we had fabulous 3D2N staycation at Sheraton Bandung Hotel & Towers last weekend (review about our stay will be updated on another post soon) and we also got the chance to join the opening of this Ramadan Iftar Buffet celebration with other bloggers, medias, and other invitees.

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Interestingly, we spotted board games on every tables, and later on, we were told that the games were prepared for guests to “kill time” waiting for the breakfasting time, or perhaps to bring the nostalgia of childhood. I think it’s a very nice gesture which guests can appreciate and enjoy at the same time.


How about a game of Ludo, anyone?

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All special menus are prepared by Chef Severin, and the Ramadan Buffet Iftar Dinner available on 1st of Ramadan until end of season. With only IDR 189,000++/person on Sunday-Friday and IDR 225,000++/person on Saturday, the affordable buffet price is definitely worth every cents! Included in the price is the free TAJIL and also live music entertainment to accompany your dining experience, sounds good eh?




There are so many stations to begin with. As an Indonesian cuisine lover, I was ecstatic to see so many options of local dishes, and I believe you too! From the rice stations, you can start with Nasi Goreng Kurma, Nasi Tutug Oncom, Ayam Bakakak, Semur Daging and Gurame Bumbu Cobek. All are prepared with traditional spices and herbs, making each dishes so special and memorable.

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We were literally full by the first plate but we continued with the seemingly most popular station that night, the meatballs and satays station. Didn’t try those but we tried the freshly fried organs and marinated beef jerky, which were SOOOOO good.

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Don’t forget to visit this hidden station offering fried snacks like Cireng, Tempeh, Tahu Isi, and Combro. I was hooked!

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But our favorite station definitely goes to these ones on the outdoor area, beautifully decorated with a great resemblance of Indonesian village shop, complete with instant coffee sachets hanging on the wall, LOL. This station has Tahu Gejrot, Pempek, assorted traditional sweets, drinks like Bandrek, Bajigur and the friends, also jajanan pasar.

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Another MUST TRY item is the Traditional Sushi, which tastes totally Indonesian in a form of Japanese sushi. They even use yellow rice as one of the ingredients and it was cute.

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Desserts lover, you are in the right place. I let you enjoy the photos. 😉

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Last but not least, we must say we were extremely swayed by how good the live music performance was. The singer has the most amazing voice and the band was so good we really enjoyed each songs they played. I felt lucky to be there that night, and again, thanks Sheraton Bandung team for the invitation and hospitality, we can’t wait to be back!



Ramadan Buffet Iftar Dinner available on 1st of Ramadan until end of season.

  • IDR 189,000++/person on Sunday-Friday
  • IDR 225,000++/person on Saturday


*All prices are subject to 21% service charge & government tax

** This review is written based on our visit on 2 June 2016.


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