EATSOMNIA is yet another addition to many pocket-friendly cafes in South Jakarta. I was practically interested on visiting this place because it opens 24 hours everyday, and curious enough to read the tagline “Street Wagyu” from far away.

During our visit back in January, the place was still relatively new. And the fact that we visited during weekdays, the place was totally empty and we were the only visitor that time. I love how we could have the whole place for ourselves, and taking photos is always better when there is no crowd.


EATSOMNIA is located within house shops (ruko) complex in Fatmawati street, taking up 2 floors of the building: first floor for no smoking area, and second floor for smoking area. The place is decorated with urban industrial design, complete with its ruined brick wall. I think they are pretty serious with the concept, and at the first glance, this place looks perfect for hanging out because it looks pretty and comfortable at the same time.

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Eatsomnia serves variety of Indomie, steamed rice, fried rice, with various toppings (most of them are wagyu in super affordable prices), bread (steamed and grilled) or popularly known as roti kukus and roti panggang in Indonesia, finger foods, sandwiches, even steak. For the drinks, they offer tea, coffee, yogurt, milk, milkshake, you name it. When I am writing this post, I have noticed that the prices for their menu have changed compared to 2 months ago, probably because they have grown more stable and popular. So the prices I write here are the new ones.

Prices for F&B range from IDR 14,500 to IDR 95,000.


Sosis Kentang IDR 20,000

Always a good option if you want to hang out for longer time in a cafe like this. Love how they seasoned the sausages and fries, so addictive.


Indomie Rebus Bakso IDR 16,000

Indomie and meatballs is definitely a classic. And it’s only fair to review an Indomie place if we try both the original and the fried ones. The original Indomie was cooked nicely (we asked to keep it firm) but there was too much water in it so the taste was kinda bland. The meatballs were sliced and seasoned so they helped enhancing the noodle itself. My nephew loved it very much, so it really depends on one’s preference of seasoning, I guess.

P1021645-14 P1021652-15 P1021663-18

Mie Wagyu Tongseng IDR 36,500

This was my order that time because I was curious how the wagyu would be cooked a la tongseng. It turned out so good! Even only from the presentation, I already felt so attracted, LOL. The wagyu was thinly sliced but very tasty, like it had been infused with the soup for a long time. The noodle was firm and almost chewy, the texture that I love. Because the tongseng itself was quite salty, mixing the egg yolk with everything helped neutralizing the taste. MUST TRY.

P1021655-16 P1021661-17

Nasi Wagyu Sambal Hijau IDR 36,500

Beside Indomie and other noodle stuffs, we can also opt for rice dishes here. We tried the green chili wagyu rice just because both of us are big fans of green chili sauce, and we must say we were not disappointed at all. Surely the chili wasn’t too spicy for us, but it had this aromatic, kicking flavor that was pleasantly amusing. The wagyu here was so tender and went well with the chili. At this point, I understood that the presence of egg is not merely a decoration but a necessity in complimenting the whole dish.


Bubur Rica Rica IDR 27,000

Another must try item if you happen to be a porridge lover. The porridge was the watery type (me likey!) and mixed well with rica rica or Manadonese hot and spicy seasoning. It was seriously spicy with lots of orange chili bits, but very addictive! Better yet, they put lots of cakwe (fried Chinese breadstick) and crackers for the toppings! If you eat this while it’s piping hot, you’ll most probably sweat a lot and feel good afterwards. At least, that’s what I felt! XD

P1021665-19 P1021672-21

Susu Rozen Roos IDR 18,000

For the drinks, since they have quite a lot of options, we tried Susu Rozen Roos, which is actually milk mixed with rose syrup. The rose syrup was very fragrant and have this beautiful glassy red color that will turn into nice pink when mixed with the milk. Taste-wise, it was okay, but worth trying.


Susu Rozen Roos IDR 18,000

Oreo Milkshake IDR 25,000

My favorite drink here, the Oreo Milkshake is very thick and dense I almost had difficulties using straw to drink it! Not that I am complaining, though. XD However, I found this a bit too sweet and finishing a glass can be challenging if you don’t really like sweet things. My advice? Order some mineral water and mix until you’ll get the perfect sweetness for you.


Oreo Milkshake IDR 25,000

 Roti Panggang Srikaya (L) IDR 34,000

Okay, lastly, we tried their grilled bread menu, and opted for the srikaya (sugar apple or sweetsop) topping. I really love their way of presenting this grilled bread, I felt like I was in upscale restaurant or something. Clearly they put effort on it, I mean look at the personalized engraved wooden board!


All the grilled bread menu have 2 serving size options: Regular or Large. We opted for the large one but didn’t expect that it would be so big. The bread were nicely grilled with crusty crust and soft inner side, complimented with generous spread of srikaya jam in between. As if it wasn’t enough, the bread were later drizzled with yet another batch of srikaya jam, and sprinkled with toasted marshmallows! For such price, we couldn’t ask for more!

P1021678-23 P1021677-22

Overall, the food (and drinks) here at EATSOMNIA aren’t disappointing at all. We didn’t expect much at the beginning, but we were totally impressed by mostly everything here. The service can get some improvements though, although the staffs are very polite and helpful, they are not very attentive and can be very slow, imagine if the place is full of guests? Oh yes, another thing to improve is the usage of some utensils, for example; the straw for the drinks were very low-quality ones, which easily broke, few even had holes on them so they were totally unusable. This is just a minor mistake but can be annoying for guests.

Anyway, we are wishing EATSOMNIA the best of luck and we shall see you again soon!



** This review is written based on our visit on 2 January 2017.


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