What I love about Ramadhan and Idul Fitri season is the various promotional packages that are available in many places, such as hotels and restaurants. This time, I had opportunity to try the breakfasting buffet at Bengawan restaurant in Keraton at The Plaza, Jakarta.
This seasonal promotion has been going since the first day of Ramadhan, featuring a wide selection of Arabic, Mexican and Indonesian cuisine at IDR 350.000++/person, including hot beverages and tajil (sugary sweets and drinks). The buffet is available throughout the holy month until Idul Fitri, starting from 6pm everyday.

The variety of food served is amazing, I must say. You can find many types of Arabic, Indonesian and Mexican food all over the place, nicely categorized in each buffet stands. Let’s check the complete listing out and let me share what I could try that evening 😉
A full station of assorted dates and dried fruits, crispy bread, hummus, Moutable, Mouhamara, Cucumber with yoghurt, Fatoush salad, Tabouleh salad, Moudardara, Stuffed grape leaves, Artichoke salad, Okra salad, Potato hara, ceviche, Gazpacho, International Cheese display with condiments

Lentil soup, Chicken Shawarma, Traditional Falafel wrap, Beef kibbeh, cheese sambousek spinach fatayer, steamed rice, vermicelli rice, kofta with potato and tomato, fish with hara sauce, chicken lemon garlic, mixed grill, stuffed cabbage with meat

Gado-gado with peanut sauce, rujak buah, ketoprak, lawar ayam dan kacang panjang, fruit cocktail with yoghurt, urap-urap sayuran, steamed prawn, salad bar, local salads and dressings
Soto ayam and condiments, soup buntut
Main Courses
Opor ayam, rendang daging, kare udang, cap cay sayur, gulai kambing, kepiting masak saos padang, pepes ikan dan jamur, perkedel kentang, nasi putih/kuning, kerupuk udang

From the Grill
Sate (chicken, beef, and lamb), tenggiri steak, squid

Sambal matah, sambal terasi, acar, chili sauce, tomato ketchup, sambal ketchup, kerupuk emping, kerupuk udang, kerupuk jaring, kerupuk beras
(There are lots of options but most recommended one is the quesadillas!)

Kunafa, Um Ali, Mouhalbiah, Baklava, Katayef, Belkhashta katayef, Belkashta, Banana and date tart, lafourti, Mafrouka, Churros, Choco flan and cocadas, display of sliced and whole tropical fruits
Jelab, Thamar Hindi, Karkadeh, Juices, Soft drinks, Laban ayran, lemon with mint, tea with mint, water

Now that’s a wonderful listing of a breakfasting buffet, don’t you think so? Honestly, if I am the one who do fasting, I wouldn’t expect myself to eat that much, so I kinda hope that this promotional package is not only limited for breakfasting only. XD Taste-wise, some of the food were amazingly good! While Mr. K was forever stuck to the Cheese stand and he literally took crazy amount of cheese, bread, biscuit and everything beyond, my ultimate favorite was the Dessert station because everything just looked and tasted great!
And not only the breakfasting buffet promotion, Keraton at The Plaza also has the Ramadhan Room Package from 23 June to 24 July starts from IDR 2.850.000++ for a Grand Deluxe room on weekdays (Monday to Thursday) and IDR 2.250.000++ on weekends (Friday to Sunday). For Idul Fitri package, rates start from IDR 2.550.000++ for a Grand Deluxe room, valid on all days from 25 July to 3 August 2014. All packages are inclusive of Buffet Breakfast/Sahur for 2 person.

Last but not least, I really enjoyed the breakfast buffet in Bengawan restaurant this time. Thanks for having us and see you again next time!

* The Food Escape team are not paid whatsoever for writing this post.
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