With so many shops selling Taiwanese desserts now, sometimes I feel kind of “lost”. You know, like    it is not enough with the bubble drinks, now they also launch desserts in bowls with variety of pearls, puddings, tapioca balls, etc. Before this, I just knew about Blackball and Hong Tang, and now I found another one, Tang Wang, located just right beside Hong Tang in the infamous Ruko Garden House area in Pantai Indah Kapuk (PIK). 
Before I continue, I must say I was so surprised by how PIK area has been growing so much to become like it is now, with rows of new restaurants and cafes offering seemingly endless culinary options! My last visit was some months ago last year, so it wasn’t anything like this, but seriously, I think I need to go there more often to explore some of really interesting places that I passed by this time. Living in South Jakarta, it makes me kind of lazy to go that far but I think I really have been missing so much excitements that is going on around those areas. I remember back then when I was still studying, my university is in Pluit area, so I and friends often explored Pluit, Muara Karang and PIK areas, I think I have to start doing it again from now on. XD
Back to Tang Wang.
So apparently, Tang Wang has been opened since December 2013, so it is still considered quite new. In the ruko area, we can also find the same kind of shops like Blackball and Hong Tang, so I wonder whether the competition gets really tight or not. The place is dominated with orange color, pretty cute! And there are also smoking area in the front porch, while the no smoking area is inside with glass wall and door separating them. 

They also serve many kinds of Taiwanese desserts, the menu book is so damn thick, even thicker than the one in Hong Tang. Similar to other shops too, the menu are coded with numbers beside the titles. Tang Wang’s menu varies from usual dessert bowls, fruits, puddings, even cakes, with prices starting from IDR 19K. You can also be more creative with your own preferences in the dessert bowls! With the help of the staffs, we finally made decisions and let’s see what we ordered!
Mango Pudding IDR 19K
The pudding was soft and melted in the mouth nicely, but the mango wasn’t as strong as expected although it is stated that it is made from fresh mango juice. However, the sweetness was balanced perfectly with a bit of sourness.

Five Buddies IDR 69K

Consists of Mango Pudding, Creme Brulee, Chocolate Lava and Vanilla Ice Cream. As their signature dish, frankly speaking, I expected something much extravagant than this. The Creme Brulee was significantly good, the custard was very rich, soft and aromatic. I could hint some citrus and cinnamon in there. They didn’t burn too much sugar on top so the caramelized part wasn’t that much, but it was good, not being overly sweet. Garnished with a fresh strawberry, it looked lovely and gave another nice touch to the whole taste.


Claimed to be made from 100% Belgium chocolate, the lava cake wasn’t disappointing, either. The cake was moist, fluffy and buttery, served hot and fresh, loved the textures and the melting chocolate which also tasted fantastic. Eaten with the homemade vanilla ice cream, it was truly an irresistible guilty pleasure.

Durian Black Rice IDR 36K

When I saw this in the menu, I was so excited because these 2 main ingredients (durian and black glutinous rice) are my favorites ever! The real-life portion was totally different from what it shown on the menu book, though! Despite of that, I so loved the black rice, very chewy although it was bland. The “soup” was actually some kind of frozen ice or something, quite tasteless, but thanks to the sweet durian, just mixed everything altogether and it was a wonderful dessert!

Taiwan Classic: Supreme Grass Jelly Icy (Topping #5) IDR 30K

For this variant, we could choose one from 5 topping selection, this one was topping #5 which consists of Q balls, pearls, and ice cream. We chose matcha/green tea ice cream and it was a great decision because it was just sooo yummy! The grass jelly was soft and cold, not too sweet and easy for the throat. 

Kiwi Black Rice IDR 29K
Same with durian one, but it was mainly sour from the kiwi fruits.

Taiwan Classic: Supreme Grass Jelly Icy (Topping #1) IDR 30K

This one was topping #1 which consists of Q balls, pearls, lotus seeds and yogurt balls. Below those toppings, there were shaved ice and grass jelly. I especially like the yogurt balls, which was none other than popping boba, that will pop when bitten. As for the other toppings, the Q balls and pearls were not as chewy and the tastes were less sweet. 

Lychee Tea IDR 23K

Personally, I loved their lychee tea! Sometimes when I order fruit infused tea, I would leave feeling disappointed because I couldn’t taste the fruit at all. On the other hand, this lychee tea tasted just like it was blended with some lychee syrup or fruit, and there was also a lychee fruit in the bottom of the glass. But perhaps, it wasn’t such a good choice to drink a sweet stuff when you order a bunch of sweet desserts, LOL!

Beside the desserts, they also serve food from snacks to main courses, so maybe next time I will go back and try some! Afterall, I am still curious about their curry balls. XD
*All prices are subject to FREE service charge & 10% government tax
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