We are never fans of Korean desserts but sometimes we have curiosities, too. Been trying a couple of Korean shaved ice or snowflake sherbets (or “Bingsoo” if you prefer so), this time we visited this cafe named Bing Go located in Gandaria City, serving authentic Korean desserts such as this shaved ice, toasts, waffles, other comfort food and also Korean drinks.

Bing Go itself comes from Korean words that stand for the House Of Ice. As this dessert is highly popular in Korea, we can see ourselves that many dessert houses specializing in this already open in Jakarta.


Bingsoo or Korean snowflake sherbets are usually Korean shaved ice dessert with sweet toppings such as chopped fruit, condensed milk, fruit syrup, and Azuki beans. The texture of the shaved ice itself is very interesting because it is very soft and delicate, just like real snow. Seen with the bare eyes, you can see that it looks like a finely grated coconut, only softer and smoother, because it is made from ice.


Green Tea Bing Go IDR 60,000

Snowflake sherbet covered with green tea powder, sweet red bean, injeolmi rice cake, and topped with green tea ice cream.

Tell us we are boring but seriously, green tea is like a mandatory order whenever we see it in the menu. XD To our surprise, the bowl is kinda small compared to the pictures in the menu, but gotta give the credit because it was very fully-packed and very “tall”. Served with condensed milk in separated container, it’s up to us to add it or not, in our case, yes, we added all into the ice bowl.


Despite how green it looked, when I scooped the ice, I only saw white ice everywhere, means beneath the layer of green tea powder, there was not much flavors inside the bowl, that’s when the condensed milk came to rescue. The ice was very smooth, although I personally prefer Taiwanese shaved ice that has bigger form, like flat sheets, what about you?


Injeolmi Bing Go IDR 50,000

Snowflake sherbet with tasty bean powder and chewy injeolmi rice cake.

Claimed to be the bestseller of Bing Go, this variant seems to be very popular among Korean people and such toppings usually can be found easily in many Korean dessert houses.


To be honest, I like this because the taste was not too strong and mildly sweet, and I felt less guilty eating this. XD However, the injeolmi rice cake, which is supposed to be the star here, wasn’t too good in term of texture. I found them less chewy and very hard, like old stocks or something like that. I just wish that they maintain the freshness of their ingredients as to keep the quality of the whole bowl.


Chocolate Bing Go IDR 70,000

Snowflake sherbet with sweet and dark chocolate, cocoa powder and whipping cream.

For chocolate lover, this is definitely heaven for you. All you see is chocolate, literally, topped with mountain-high of whipping cream. I got toothache just by looking at it, I kid you not. But thanks to the cocoa powder, it has balanced sweetness and bitterness infused to the sherbet, and I highly recommend this for you who want safer option.


Bing Go has a cute place with separated indoor and outdoor seating area. The outdoor seating area is nice for smokers, but it’s small, hot, humid, and can be very uncomfortable when there is an event down there near the stage. However, our Korean dessert experience at Bing Go was quite pleasant although we don’t plan to go back there anytime soon.



*All prices are subject to 6% service charge & 10% government tax

*The Food Escape team are not paid whatsoever for writing this post.

** This review is written based on our visit on 16 March 2016.


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Gandaria City Mall
North Mainstreet Upper Ground Level unit M-U33C
Jl. Sultan Iskandar Muda
South Jakarta

Ph. +62 21 29236839

Opening Hours:
Sun – Thu 10AM – 10PM
Fri – Sat 10AM – 11PM