That morning, I finally got the chance to taste Thai-style rice porridge which is a very popular breakfast menu for Thai people. Since Mr. K always brags about how good it is, I had to try myself when I was in Thailand.
Jok (pronounced: Joke) or Thai congee, is indeed a very nice menu for breakfast. The porridge was soft and watery, a type of porridge that I like. It was already very tasty to eat just like that, because usually it comes with chopped ginger, spring onions and coriander leaves, or meat. And if you buy it, you will usually get the packed seasonings; in Thai, they give two kinds of seasonings: ground chili and sugar. In Indonesia, it is usually ground chili and seasoning powder to enhance the saltiness. I guess because in Thai, they don’t really worry about saltiness anymore since they use fish sauce as one of their main seasonings for any food.
Jok – a Thai-style rice porridge, always good for breakfast.

Thai-style packed seasonings: ground chili powder and sugar.

Fried Chicken

Another thing that I discovered (and later became my favorite, too!) was Roti Sai Mai, an infamous sweets from Ayutthaya, the old capital of Thailand. It is basically cotton candy wrapped in crepe-like roti. In Indonesia, we also have this kind of food, called gulali (cotton candy) or arum manis (sweet fragrant); only here we use wafers for the wrap. It is one of my childhood time favorite and I was surprised I found this in Thailand! There are many types of cotton candy in Indonesia, but we call this one: gulali rambut nenek (grandma’s hair cotton candy). 

Roti Sai Mai – sweet!

Just pile them on the roti, wrap it and yum!

The other desserts that I miss a lot from Thailand is the fruit sticky rice. I love everything with the sticky rice! Durian, mango, anything. That day, I also enjoyed the mango sticky rice that I bought the night before. It was very nice because I kept it overnight in the fridge. The mango was so sweet and juicy. The black glutinous sticky rice was the separated portion, it didn’t come with any fruit because the rice itself was already sweetened. As a fan of black glutinous rice, I just had to try it and I wasn’t disappointed at all!

Mango and Black Glutinous Sticky Rice
For dinner, we had quite a feast since that night was our last night in Chanthaburi. Ms. PT brought us to  local traditional market again and look at what we brought back home.
Pla Kapong – Fried Baramundi, very popular in Thailand.

Khaep Mu (Pork Cracklings), Mu Yang/Kai Yang (Grilled Pork/Chicken), Naem (Soured Pork)

Fish Tom Yam

Shell Curry

Deer Curry, they made it very spicy and tasty.

Naw Mai (Bamboo Shoots)


Another plate of veggies.

Nam Phrik Kapi (Shrimp Paste Fluid Chili) – Thai’s sambal terasi, my favorite!

Nam Phrik

Thai local beer

Khao Niao Sangkhaya, sticky rice with egg and coconut custard.

Young Green Mango
Well, thinking back about my trip to Chanthaburi, I am so grateful that I could taste so many local food which were introduced by Ms. PT. I am so thankful that I had that opportunity to enjoy Chantaburi’s freshest seafood or fruits, and of course if I have another chance, I would really love to go back there again to try more stuffs.

See ya in Bangkok’s review!