Cal-Roll Factory, comes from California Roll Factory, is a franchise restaurant originated from Los Angeles, California. The name itself pretty much describes it well, as it serves large variety of sushi, 70++, more of less. It’s hard to miss when you happen to walk by, thanks to its eye-catching yellowish interior theme. My first impression about the place would be “fancy”. A combination of traditional Japanese wood theme mixed with modern funky American casual bar, creates a beautiful surrounding. I totally love the place, and I also think everything is so cute.
Cal-Roll Factory – welcome to the fancy sushi factory!

Funky colors and simple table set totally live up my mood instantly.
As I mentioned earlier, they serve many variety of sushi, so I had difficult time choosing from the menu. The menu book itself is presented quite nicely, with the descriptions about each sushi along with some pictures of the recommended ones. 
Inari Sushi – IDR 12.000++
There was nothing really special about it, but we love it.

Mr. P ordered Baked Hawaiian Volcano from House Special category, which he said he expected would be something like regular rolls. It turned out to be just like usual volcano menu from other sushi restaurants, just not as nice as the others. Presented in an opened wrap, the volcano was served fresh and hot. Personally, I think it tastes nice, but for that price, I’d prefer some regular rolls.

 Baked Hawaiian Volcano – IDR 49.000++

Chenzo – IDR 52.000++
It’s one of the recommended menu, shredded crab, shrimp tempura, avocado and tempura crumbs, served with a special sauce. I couldn’t really tell whether I ate any shrimp or crab, though. All I felt was just the crispy crumbs and strong flavor of sweet soy sauce, which was a bit weird. It wasn’t that bad but the idea of “special sauce” intrigued me in the beginning, yet I was turned off since my first bite.
Fish of Fury – IDR 52.000++
A set menu of a fish (I forgot salmon or gindara), rice, pieces of croquettes, complimented with fresh vegetables salad. The fish was alright, not the best though, a bit overcooked, dry and hard. Rice was served with cut crab sticks and eggs on the top, still doesn’t make it taste any better. Well, maybe we better stick with the sushi rolls.

Caterpillar – IDR 52.000++
Fresh-water eel, smelt egg and cucumber, topped with avocado slices and special sauce, it was good. I’d be happier if the eel slices were a bit thicker/bigger, though. Nonetheless, it was the highlight of the dinner that day.

 The cute condiments set

Decent food, some are probably too weird for my taste, otherwise standard.
A bit pricey, can find much better sushi with the same price.
Love it, very young and fancy. Would come back just for a light meal or hanging out with family/friends. 

Cal-Roll Factory
Gandaria City Mall Lt. UG M-U11 
Kebayoran Lama
Jakarta Selatan