As promised, here is another post about our last trip to Khao Yai, Thailand, where many interesting places and attractions are waiting to be explored. 😉 After our stop at Thames Valley, we visited this place that *is* actually the first reason why we wanted to go to Khao Yai: Midwinter Green.


Midwinter Green is actually a restaurant, occupying a huge complex, it’s not difficult to find as it is strategically located on the main road of Pak Chong. The white buildings resembling German castles are very eye-catching and definitely stand out from the other buildings in the area. I don’t know what’s with current European-themed buildings craze in Thailand, but with all the attractions borrowing European-style concepts such as Santorini Park, Thames Valley, Palio Village, etc, honestly I am quite impressed by how detailed their creations are. Because this post needs no further description, I think I won’t write too much and let you just enjoy the photos, okay! 😉

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P1470876-1 P1470886-7 P1470877-2

When we enter the complex, we can see the signage in the front yard, and there are several entrances to access each locations. For example, if your destination is the Midwinter Restaurant, you can go through the main entrance in front of the building using the stairs leading to the main restaurant lobby, or from the backyard directly going to the outdoor seating area. If there is no one around to assist you, our suggestion is to go upstairs from the front yard and find the entrance sign, you’ll be just fine.

P1470882-4P1470890-8 P1470892-9 P1470898-12 P1470897-11

Beside the restaurant, there is also a shop selling baked stuffs, kitchenware, and many other cute stuffs, connected inside to the restaurant. The Picnic Store is probably more crowded during holidays or weekends, but there wasn’t much activity going on during our visit on a weekday afternoon.

P1470896-10 P1470902-16 P1470901-14 P1470899-13 copy P1470905-17 P1470908-18

After taking photos at (literally) every spots possible in the outer building (like, seriously), we finally managed to get inside and found the main restaurant entrance. At this point, my mood had become so much brighter because I have deeply fell in love to the surroundings, the strong European feel of the building, and how empty the place was, like we could take all the spots for ourselves ONLY to take pictures wherever we wanted. I know that this kind of privilege is not easily experienced if we came on weekends for sure, so thanks God for this opportunity! XD



Not only the outer building looks elegant and mysterious like European castles, I was even more astonished by their interior design. First room is called The Throne Room, where everything is carefully arranged and decorated, the first impression it gave me is a private hunting hut inspired room with touch of luxury and nobility. At the first glance, it is very majestic room with high wooden ceiling, a deer head wall mount, and pretty dining tables. I had to pinch myself to remind me that I was NOT anywhere in Europe, but in Thailand, so the feeling was somehow amazing, if you know what I mean.

P1470924-23 P1470920-21 P1470922-22

Moving inside, comes the Great Hall, we saw a bar, the inside of the Picnic Store including the bakery and accessories store, connected to the main indoor dining area.

P1470928-25 P1470927-24 P1470930-26 P1470932-1 copy P1470937-3 P1470938-4 P1470940-5 P1470933-2P1470942-6 P1470946-8 P1470943-7 P1470948-9 P1470951-10

While the indoor dining area already made us going ga-ga, we couldn’t express our feeling when we stepped outside. The outdoor dining area is very spacious, overlooking the magnificent view of mountains behind the green fields. There is also a live stage in the center, which I am sure will bring more life to the place when the crowds start coming in.

P1470958-14 copy P1470959-15 P1470953-11 P1470952-11

My favorite place of this whole complex, is the relatively smaller room just near the backyard entrance. This place has really cool, gothic-style interior design with symmetrical windows and wooden high chairs. This place is perfect for drinking, hanging out, or just spending time with a little more privacy. This shot below reminds me of fine gentlemen’s club or mafia speakeasy back in the days, with strong feel of richness yet intimacy. What do you think?

P1470960-16 P1470961-17 P1470962-18

Beside dining at the restaurant, we can also go to the Walking Field, where they also prepare kids playground and some outdoor activities. Even if you don’t feel like doing anything there, walking around with such a beautiful surrounding will definitely lift up your mood like no other medicine can do!


Midwinter Restaurant is known for their Thai and International dishes, but sadly we didn’t try any because we only stayed shortly there. From what I heard, their dishes portions are quite huge and generous, some of the food are really good especially the Western meat dishes, so hopefully we can go back soon to try them!


Chirley Temple THB 120


Emerald Punch THB 120

Although this place is beautifully captured during daytime, we suggest to stay until the sun goes down and you’ll be even more amazed of how beautiful it is when the sky gets dark! Maybe our photos don’t really do the judge here, but the view was just so unforgettable it looked like a living postcard shot or something. It was raining cats and dogs a little while after the sun disappeared that day but so happy that we could take these shots before we left. XD

P1470984-25 P1470988-26 P1470991-1

Last but not least, this visit to Midwinter Green was super worth the 4+ hours journey from Bangkok! If you happen to go to Khao Yai, this is definitely one of the MUST VISIT places. We’ll still continue with posts of other places in Khao Yai so stay tuned for the updates! Thanks for reading, ciao! <3



Currency Rate: THB 1 = +/- IDR 400 = +/- USD 0.028

** This review is written based on our visit on 12 July 2016.


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