Last time when we went to Dharmawangsa Square to use one of the vouchers there, the restaurant we wanted to go to was closed, so we chose to eat here instead. From outside, it looked small, bright and empty. Not a good impression, huh? Nevertheless, we didn’t really have many choices that time, so there we were. It was around 7PM on a weekday, when we went in, just one table was occupied by 2 guests. 
Interior is simple and modern.

This is an Asian food restaurant, just like many others. Basically they serve rice or noodles, and other popular South East Asian cuisines. For the starter, we ordered the Appetizer Platter, which contains of all kinds of appetizers that they have, the Lumpia Sumpit, Spring Rolls, Thai Fried Chicken, and Fried Wonton.

Appetizer Platter – IDR 32.727+++
It wasn’t the best, but not disappointing either. The Lumpia Sumpit, which are supposedly fried squid egg rolls, failed to impress me, though. Where was the squid?

Singapore Fried Kway Teow – IDR 36.818+++
Nice, although a bit bland. Can tell from the color, right?

I Fu Mie – IDR 36.818+++
Loveee this! I didn’t expect that they would serve it like this. The noodle was so crispy and the sauce was perfect. Definitely recommended.

Pad Thai – IDR 36.818+++
This sure looked inviting, although I didn’t try it but Mr. P said this one was nice too. One thing for sure is that they are really good in using the spices and seasonings.

Sagu Melon – IDR 22.727+++
Blah, just blah.

Ice Lemon Tea – IDR 13.636+++
Jakarta 12140
Ph. (021) 72788260