Have you ever tried a soft ice cream made using pure milk? Recently, I visited this newly-established (yet another) cafe in food heaven PIK area called WOOYOO. This cute cafe is located inside Ruko Cordoba D complex, just beside Atek or opposite to Apotik Dunia Sehat. If you’re not familiar with the area, find the apotik (pharmacy) first then look out for a building with white honeybee comb alike exterior, then you’re on the right track!


WOOYOO specializes in Korean pure milk organic soft ice cream with honey, which is claimed to be the first and the only one in Jakarta up to date. I happened to meet Mr. Steve, the owner who is a Korean, and he explained that almost all the ingredients are imported from Korea.



The 2-storey building is not big but is well-designed, creating bright, modern look. My personal favorite is the seating area just next to the entrance, the most beautiful area with great exposure of natural light. The second floor is more private and it’s good for mini gatherings or something like that.







View of first floor’s front seating area from top.


For the ice cream, we can choose it to be put in a cone, cup, or snail bread. I had mine in cups because they look better in photos with the special cups. In WOOYOO, they serve the ice cream in another container put in the cup, while below that, there is dry ice that creates lovely smoke. I think it’s brilliant idea for presentation although it means my ice cream quantity is actually much less than the actual cup. XD

As the starter, we were recommended to try Pop! Monster (IDR 35,000), which is the ice cream topped with caramel popcorn as well as caramel sauce. I got an instant toothache just reading the description, but don’t worry, since the ice cream is actually not too sweet, the topping does a great job enhancing the sweetness without overpowering it. The only problem is that my popcorn seemed to be a little bit soggy and not as crunchy as it should have been.


Pop! Monster (IDR 35,000)


Salty Choco (IDR 35,000) is another recommendation, as the owner explained that the main feature of the toppings here are the salt to make the salty chocolate (obviously), which is actually a sea salt directly imported from Korea. Honestly I wouldn’t have known the difference if he didn’t state that, but one thing for sure, the salty chocolate is very enjoyable! The saltiness is distinct and mixed well with the sweetness of the chocolate, but still, you know it’s a “salty-choco”. Also, this version has the Korean cereal grain, which I love so much!


Salty Choco (IDR 35,000)


Everyone’s favorite that day would be the Misugaru (IDR 35,000), where the ice cream is topped with Korean cereal grain, soybean powder, and finished with honey. First of all, the Korean cereal is very crunchy and reminds me of those one inside snacks package during my childhood. In fact, even in Korea, children love it and usually have this kind of cereal for breakfast. The whole cup has a mixed, complex taste but go along very well together. Also, with all those toppings, the ice cream is not overwhelmed at all, which is nice!


Misugaru (IDR 35,000)


Have I told you their spoon is shaped like a shovel? Cute!


The last topping that I tried is the Snow Bomb (IDR 35,000) with a flavored cotton candy: Matcha Green Tea or Caramel. You know me, I would have picked matcha but too bad it wasn’t available that day so I had the Caramel one instead. The best thing about the cotton candy is that it is so smooth and melts right away when it touches your tongue, and this description fits this well. The not-so-sweet taste also is a big plus for this, and if you think you can’t eat cotton candy and soft ice cream together because this combination is too sweet and might make you feel sick, now you can!


Snow Bomb (IDR 35,000)


Beside ice cream, WOOYOO also serves many kinds of bread, such as Schneeballen (IDR 30,000). Originated from Germany, schneeballen a.k.a. “snowball” is made of shortcrust pastry rolled into balls then decorated in traditional fashion with sugar and other coats. Apparently, the trend of schneeballen has been booming in South Korea since 2013 and now we have it in Jakarta.


Schneeballen (IDR 30,000)


The “ball” is indeed quite big and hard, so here is the twist. There is a small wooden hammer (or mallet) given to you when you order this. Basically, all you need is to wrap the ball with the paper provided, then smash it with the mallet until it breaks into smaller pieces.





A nicer and easier bits and pieces to eat, right?

I tried the Choco Almond one, although WOOYOO also offers many others, even green tea! But well, maybe next time! Personally I really enjoyed this snowball, it’s unique, yummy, and crunchy. However, I have nothing to say about how good it is compared to the real German schneeballen as I have never tried one before.




The other bread that I tried didn’t fail me either. Mochi Mochi (IDR 10,000) is a bread with mochi-like texture that will definitely make you craving for some more! Frankly speaking, it will be a bit exaggerating to say the texture is similar to mochi, but yes, it is very chewy and fun to eat, not mentioning that the taste is nice and addictive too!



Mochi Mochi (IDR 10,000)


Chew, chew, chew!


For someone who doesn’t enjoy milk products, I must say that I like their ice cream. The problem of usual soft ice cream like this, I normally find them too milky to the point of being sickening. Although WOOYOO claims to use 100% pure milk as the ingredients, I like them. Best of luck and see you again soon!


Visited on: 3 January 2015


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