Happy Lunar New Year 2012!

So this will be just a quick post, which is about one of my favorite fast food chain, McDonald’s. Of course it’s not a special entry whatsoever, but still worth reading 🙂

Around Chinese New Year, usually McDonald’s will sell the Beef Prosperity Burger, which comes in 2 choices, single or double. It refers to the burger patty, actually. The burger is served with the long bread, ground beef patty with black pepper sauce and onion slices. Honestly, the taste is not really special, but the fact that they only sell this around certain period makes it special in one and other way.

Beef Prosperity Burger (Single) – IDR 25.300
Didn’t look too pretty, but it was still the same like last year 😉

The infamous Beef Burger – IDR 8.800

Never failed to satisfy my palates! 🙂
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