First of all, sorry for the late updates recently as I don’t really have mood to blog. However, here I am writing a new post so as you can see, I am trying! XD It’s already 5th of September and this will be my first post of the month, not a good starter, but well. I am gonna write a tribute post about this famous steakhouse, Outback Steakhouse. In Jakarta, they have 3 outlets so far, and the one that I frequently visit is the closest to home, Ratu Plaza outlet.

From the 3 outlets, I only have been in 2 of them (Ratu Plaza and Kuningan City), and although I like both places, I always feel more comfortable in Ratu Plaza outlet. It’s very humble and homey, and I can see the patrons are somehow very familiar with the place and staffs, so I think most all of them are returning guests. We can choose to sit in the booth, high chairs around the counter, or usual tables, everything is just comfortable enough to make me feel at home. 

All those times, I grew up hearing people said that Outback Steakhouse is originated in Australia, but in fact, it is NOT. It is actually an Australian-themed American casual dining chain originated in Tampa, Florida. Outback’s specialties are their steaks (duh!), which are claimed to be “truly special”, because they only serve USDA “Choice” Certified Angus beef. Before each juicy, delicious steak is served in front of us, it is hand-selected, aged just right, inspected and trimmed. Then expertly seasoned and seared over a red hot grill to seal in its bold flavors. Now, doesn’t it sound amazing?

Complimentary Bread – soft and tasty, just perfect.

Menu is quite extensive with selection of appetizers, soup and salad, steak, pasta, even seafood, and also desserts. Prices range from IDR 25K – 350K (F&B), but the later speaks for the steak or meat stuffs so you can always opt for other stuffs if you’re on tight budget. I didn’t take pictures of all our orders because I dined in with family including le mother, so I had to keep the photography session as quick (and minimal) as possible, LOL! 
Ribs & Alice Springs Chicken IDR 230K
Half rack of BBQ beef ribs and signature Alice Springs Chicken (tasty grilled chicken breast topped with beef bacon, honey mustard sauce, sauteed mushroom, Monterey Jack and Cheddar), served with Aussie fries. The Alice Springs Chicken was something that I looked forward to, and as expected, the grilled chicken was indeed very tasty. Sometimes I don’t fancy grilled chicken especially breast part because it can be hard and not exactly nice when eaten, but this one had right softness and it could easily be mistaken as fish (not as soft but you get the idea). The ribs were okay, as you can see from the picture, not much meat and it was kind of disappointing, but taste-wise, it was excellent. 

Ribeye 10 oz. IDR 280K
Seasoned and seared with their secret 17 seasoning blend and chargrilled over an open flame, it is marbled, juicy and savory. A must-order item, I am confident that nobody can ever resist this. The ribeye steak has balanced fat part, making it super juicy and tender!

New York Strip 10 oz IDR 250K
A thick cut New York strip steak seared with secret 17 seasoning blend. Another favorite signature steak from Outback, meat lovers will be overjoyed for sure. Always consistently cut, the strip was perfectly seasoned, resulting in a very bold flavors that is hard to forget. The meat was solid yet tender, a true heaven on earth. XD

Prime Rib 10 oz. IDR 300K
Meticulously aged, then slow-roasted to seal in the savory beef flavor and to ensure tenderness, hand-carved to order and served with mouth-watering au jus. The Prime Rib was great but definitely not my favorite part for steak. Call me weird but yes, I do think that way. I like solid meat and this part usually is much softer and I find it “unappealing” and “not satisfying”. XD Of course, taken from texture point of view. Taste-wise, this has got to be one of the best out there, I could feel the juicy comes out from the steak with every slice I made, not mentioning that the seasonings were deeply absorbed in evenly!

Steak and Ribs Combo IDR 300K
6 oz. signature sirloin paired with half a rack of BBQ beef ribs, served with fresh seasonal veggies and Aussie fries. Honestly, I think all these combo menu are lovely and bless the people who created them! I opted for this one and wasn’t disappointed. Wanted the smokey baby back ribs (pork) though but it wasn’t available, so we settled with beef ribs instead. Major difference, okay? XD But at least my beef ribs weren’t as ‘boney’ as my brother’s combo above, LOL!

For me, the main attraction of my order was the Outback Special Sirloin steak that looked breath-takingly beautiful, thick, and super shiny. It’s perfectly my kind of steak, solid in texture yet soft when eaten, nicely cut even by teeth. I could taste the seasonings very well all over the steak body and it was overwhelmingly great.

Am I ruining your diet plan by putting all those pictures? XD Even if I do, worry no more, because you can always enjoy the 6 oz Outback Special Sirloin for only less than 600 calories, including the mixed veggies, a signature house salad with choice of light balsamic vinaigrette or tangy tomato dressing. 
Last but not least, I love Outback Steakhouse. Well, a visit for today’s dinner wouldn’t hurt, perhaps! XD

* The Food Escape team are not paid whatsoever for writing this post.

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