Who doesn’t love spending quality time in a cafe or coffee shop? For me, a regular visit to this kind of places is quite essential and sometimes I stop by one when I try to cool my system a bit after a fulfilling meal. Maybe you think I am weird, but I really enjoy sipping coffee when I am too full, and usually I will feel much better afterwards. Last time when I was in PIK area for a food tasting, I was so satisfied with the food (review coming up soon) and during my way back home, I dropped by this fancy-looking cafe called LIMA Cafe.

LIMA is located inside the Gold Coast Ruko (one of Office House complexes in PIK area) and it’s pretty easy to spot. The place looks really good from the outside and apparently, it also functions as an art space as well as cafe. It’s not big but there are outdoor and indoor seating areas, so rest assured, smoking is allowed in the outdoor area and it’s not too hot or humid too since they put some big electric fans. Indoor seating area is darker and nicely decorated with cute and unique stuffs, such as gas tank as lamp hood. 

Menu varies from light bites to heavier meals, desserts, and also good selection of drinks: coffee, tea, chocolate, even soda mixes. Prices range from IDR 15K – 70K (F&B) and are standard prices for nowadays cafes.
LIMA Coffee Signature IDR 35K

This is basically LIMA Cafe’s signature coffee drink as the name suggests, and to be honest, it wasn’t special or anything. The coffee had stronger milk taste than the coffee itself, it’s very light and probably can be enjoyed by everyone -even a non-coffee lover. Unfortunately since this is their “coffee signature”, I was expecting something stronger, more kicking in taste, and I didn’t experience it with this. If you love your coffee mixed with lots of milk, you’ll probably love this 🙂

Cake of The Day IDR 36K
Ordered this because the waiter told me about their cake of the day, which was Lemon Poppy Seed Cake. First of all, I loveee lemon cake. And to hear that the lemon cake was baked with poppy seed, I was excited. When it was served on the table though, my jaw dropped because the cake was sliced so thinly and it didn’t look good, like, seriously. If you ever bake a cake, I bet you understand the appearance of the “unrisen cake” (or bantat in Indonesian), where the texture is clearly wet and dense, usually in the middle. The taste was delicious, strong hint of lemon and the poppy seed also tasted prominent, but for a cake like this, I felt ripped off having to pay such an amount. XD

Iced Green Tea Latte IDR 32K
Normally I prefer my green tea latte to be served hot because I can totally taste the actual green tea, but that time I opted for cold version because I wanted something refreshing. The green tea latte saved the day because it was alright, not the best I have ever had, but it was lovely.

Saw some interesting dishes on the menu so perhaps I am gonna come back later soon to try them more properly. LIMA is not a new cafe but I am glad I stopped by and had some relaxing time with Mr. K last time. See you again soon in the future!

*All prices are subject to 5% service charge & 10% government tax
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