I love Japanese restaurants. Especially the ones with authentic Japanese touch or at least, trying to add some Japanese touch into their decorations and such. When I was walking around the Food Louver in Grand Indonesia, my eyes immediately were attracted to a fancy looking shop in a corner named Little Yokozuna. They have many colorful banners with Japanese writings and a yummy-looking display of food just like typical Japanese restaurants. Funny how they name it though, as Yokozuna usually means “champion sumo wrestler”, there is hardly any connection with sumo, or is there any? Nonetheless, without any hesitation, it was an easy pick for that day.
The fancy and colorful banners immediately captured my attention.

Hmm, even the display already looks so delicious!
Udon Set B – IDR 39.091++
I wanted to try the rice menu but I also was craving for some udon that time, so I ordered this. The udon was too soft and the soup was lacking of taste. The fried rice was quite bland, but the egg was tasty and smelled so good! The tempura was tasteless and not really fresh. But the highlight of this set was the salad as it was very fresh and sauce was very good. 
Curry Hamburger – IDR 41.818++
This was as delicious as it looks. The serving portion was quite big and very satisfying. The hamburger meat was thick, but very soft and tender in every bites. The curry sauce was thick enough and very tasty. This one was great and recommended.

Yokozuna Set – IDR 89.091++
This one is a must order when you have chance to visit here. The portion was HUGE, it can easily satisfy 3-4 person’s hunger. The set comes with fried rice, sweet and sour chicken, tempura, stir-fried vegetables, chicken katsu and salad. I basically loved everything on the tray, enough said!

Grape Milky – IDR 8.181++
Very fresh delicious grape mixed with milk, a lovely combination.

Melon Milky – IDR 8.181++
Very nice, too. But grape one is still the winner.
Little Yokozuna
Food Louver –  Grand Indonesia Shopping Mall
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