Some days ago, I visited this hidden restaurant located on the Basement level of Wisma Geha, just around Sarinah Thamrin. The restaurant is considered not new, and I had been wanting to visit it for a while. When you enter the Wisma Geha, you will definitely spot the steps leading down where the That Hangover Horse is nested beside Esperto (if you notice that sign, you are on the right track!). Didn’t expect the place to be that small but don’t let the size bothers you when a great dining experience awaits!

Kitchen is located outside.

As I said before,  the place is considered very small and looked like a cafe rather than restaurant. There are several wooden tables and some chairs resemble crates, while the others were made from metal. The walls were painted red, making the ambiance very warm and funky in the same time. Basically it looks just like an underground pub or cafe to me, and because we were the only guests that time, I kind of like it. There are many random memorabilia for decoration and a gigantic flat TV in the room, making it a bit more lively on that quiet noon. FYI, the area is smoking-free place and honestly, I didn’t see any ventilation so it could be a bad idea to come during peak hours and you happen to be a non-smoker.

Menu is nicely categorized and some of the names are quite provocative but interesting. I think the prices are quite good, from IDR 7K – 299K (food and drinks), and the average price for food is around IDR 25K – 40K only.
Hangover Unicorn IDR 30K
There are some options for the flavors, and I chose Rum Raisin to begin with. The drink was amazingly good with enough sweetness and great consistency. The rum raisin taste was quite strong and it wasn’t too milky which was good. Served with a scoop of chocolate ice cream, the drink was easy and sweet, not overwhelmingly sweet, but just nice.

Summer Breeze IDR 30K
Green apple, orange, lemon, pieces of strawberry and peach. The drink looked very pretty and adorable with the great combination of colors! I heard that this is one of the most popular (and most ordered) drinks in That Hangover Horse, and I was glad I tried this! There is a special way to enjoy the mixed tastes, using the straw, you’ll need to pull the straw up constantly while you drink. It was quite difficult trying to mix the green sugary liquid on the bottom, so by pulling the straw up when you drink, it’s kind of drinking the liquid layer to layer. It tasted amazing, very aromatic and addicting, with right amount of sweetness and make you craving for more!

Thai Tea IDR 20K
The Thai tea was nice and easy to the throat, although I thought the taste was not as strong as I wanted, and level of sweetness was too low. Don’t get me wrong, Thai tea that I drink in Thailand is always very sweet to the point of crazily sweet but I think that’s how Thai tea should be served.

Hangover BBQ Chick Wings Cone IDR 35K
These beer braised chicken wings are served with BBQ sauce and I must say this one was pretty good. The wings were well-seasoned and very bold in taste, clearly the sauce was strong and generously spread, and the sizes were huge. I mean, we all know chicken wings here are not the biggest in the planet, but these ones were big and had lots of meat. The colors were literally black because of the amount of sauce. The cone was a bit disappointing though as it wasn’t crispy nor crunchy at all.

Hangover Mac Horse with Smoked Beef IDR 37K
This was my ultimate favorite among the orders we had that day, and seriously, it was delicious. The macaroni pasta was well cooked and had the right texture, softness and consistency; while the cheese dominated the whole plate and it was truly a mac n’ cheese dish. Served with smoked beef, it enhanced the saltiness and gave certain aroma and made everything better. Love the dish, will come back for this.

Hangover Aglio Olio with German Sausage IDR 35K
You know, Aglio Olio is not my muse, but sometimes I do enjoy it when it’s served not too dry. This one perfectly hit the mark because clearly it was cooked with so much olive oil and butter that it tasted so strongly buttery (but not oily, thanks God!). The spaghetti used was the smaller diameter, but it emphasized the crunchiness of the pasta. The taste was strong, brave, and memorable, thanks to all the generous herbs and spices used, including the grated cheese. The German sausage is one of my favorite sausages ever and they really gave another fragrant twist to the whole plate, salute!

Garlic Butter Rice with Tomato Horse Balls IDR 37K
The garlic butter rice was very cute in presentation, they were made into triangle shaped rice balls (like onigiri) and tasted very much like butter rice. Only God knows how much butter used to cook the rice though because the taste was very strong and it was a bit oily. The tomato horse balls weren’t really my favorite because they were too soft and fragile, while the sauce was almost bland and just screamed plain tomato sauce, but it was acceptable.

Garlic Butter Rice with HOT Chick Sweet & Sour Sauce IDR 35K
Same with the one above, just different topping. Again, not my favorite because the chicken were too sweet and overpowering the taste (not in a good way and made me sick), maybe toning the sweetness down a bit could help.

Hangover Sweet & Sour Crunchy Monster IDR 30K
From the looks, it was like an ice cream cake at the first glance but it wasn’t. The cake was basically a fresh fruit yoghurt combined with marshmallow, with a cornflakes base. Nice concept, right? But I don’t know why, the cake was not really my thing because it wasn’t as delicious as it looked. The texture was weird, and the taste was not so enjoyable if I have to be honest. I think because it was still a bit frozen when it was served, so the true texture wasn’t there.

Hangover Green Tea Oreo IDR 27K
These layers of green tea, cheese, oreo and African choco sponge cake was quite nice although (again) wasn’t really something that I would like. Honestly, I would be much more happier if the cakes were just regular cakes, rather than all these modified, weird cakes, forgodsake! The green tea wasn’t prominent too in term of taste, and the dominating taste was basically chocolate.

Although some food were good and some were not, I still like this place for some reasons. You know, it was the ambiance, the uniqueness, and the creepy horse head mascot that somehow make things attractive inside there. The fact that this place is randomly built on a basement of an office building makes it even more random and exciting, no?! XD Service-wise, it’s probably not a big joint but hell yes for the good and friendly staffs! My only complains are: first, because the bar is located at the same room, when they blend the drinks, it was so noisy and annoying!! Second, be wise in choosing your tables because some parts of the area was like, exposed to sewage port or something and it disturbed me a lot because of the unpleasant smell. But again, it’s still acceptable because we have no choice since it’s located on a basement.
Last but not least, good experience and will definitely return to try more things, yay! 😉
*All prices are subject to 5% service charge & 10% government tax
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That Hangover Horse
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