What I love about my trip this time was the homemade breakfast that my mother-in-law prepared every morning. I love breakfast for sure, especially Western breakfast. And I was delighted that in Bangkok, I got to find that almost every morning 😉
This time, we finally could try her infamous fresh salad, which was served with pesto or mayonnaise. There was also sunny side up eggs and bacons, which we could enjoy with slices of bread or baguette. Totally loved it. And all was even better with the freshest Thai passionfruit as the dessert!
Western Breakfast Galore!

After waking up so early in the morning to prepare breakfast, we continued sleeping again for a while and just woke up for lunch. XD
We were surprised by the appearance of cute bread balls on the table, which were apparently healthy whole-wheat bread. It was very nice, soft and chewy. We ate it with cream soup so it was perfect!

Coconut Drink
It was already afternoon and as planned before, we would go to Chanthaburi, known as “Moon City”, in the east of Thailand. We went there as courtesy of Ms. PT, who kindly enough invited us to stay at her home and bring us around. So during our journey to meet her, we stopped by to buy some drinks. One thing I noticed during my stay in Thailand was that their products are always very colorful and attractive. I found this one drink that I picked from the refrigerator just because of its label, and I hadn’t even read it yet. It turned out to be a so-called beauty drink, contains of 1000 mg collagen, which we know is very good for our skin and health. The bottle itself is very beautiful with shade of pink all around but didn’t taste that great. But as long as it does its job, who cares, right?
BeautiDrink? Does it really work?

Thai Energy Drink
Then we stopped by a small shop nearby which sells organic and vegetarian stuffs. They sell a lot of products from natural seasonings to instant foods like packaged porridge/congee or soup. Parents bought some stuff and let us try the custard bun, which was very soft and nice!

From Bangkok, it took about 2 hours by car to Chanthaburi, so in the middle of the journey, we stopped by a gas station to refill and rest a bit. Of course we immediately attacked the food stalls and ordered some food.
Main Shop Building in the gas station.

Thai dessert stall, selling cakes and sweets, lovely!
Beef-ball satays, smooth!

Pearl Tea, of course I couldn’t resist it!!

Corn Dog from the pearl tea stall, love it!
Grilled Squid from street stall, with the Thai seafood sauce (a bit sweet and spicy) was perfect.

Mr. K’s recommended snack bags, the right one is my favorite EVER.
And after eating so many stuffs, we continued our journey to Chanthaburi, hoping that we would arrive before 9pm. When we finally arrived, Ms. PT asked whether we wanted to stop somewhere for dinner first or just went straight to her house, and of course we decided for the first one. XD So she brought us to this place which looks not too fancy but seems to be quite popular spot for the locals.

Fish Tom Yam
Jungle Curry 
Prawn Yam

Squid with Limes and Spices
Fried Chicken with Basil Leaves

Fried Frog with Chopped Garlic
What could I say? When I was eating, I continuously found myself surprised by how strong the tastes were, considering how they looked. Some food came with clear soup, I thought they looked mild but in reality, they tasted so strong. I LOVE THAI FOOD! Being a fan of herbs and spices, I totally enjoyed the generous usages of those things in their cuisines. And especially the jungle curry, it rocked my day! The mix of herbs and spices used inside the curry was perfect. Some people might think that it’s too strong, though. But, me likey!! I wish I could find something like that in Indonesia, though!!