Last time when I was around Bintaro area, I stopped by a place that looks interesting. There was a factory outlet, a burger corner, and a decent eating place that resembles a food court. Without further ado, I decided to have my late dinner there. As the concept is more like a joint food court, there are a lot of options available, basically it’s up to you to walk around and order from each merchant or just take a seat and let the waiters/waitresses do it for you. It was Sunday night around 8pm, there were not much people, in fact only 2 tables were occupied. We found out that not all the depots were open, so we took our seats and started browsing through the thick holder of menu.
Lovely interior design with a touch of European garden.

Warm colors and lighting live the mood up.
One thing that I noticed was the Elvis Presley’s photos and posters all over the wall. It was nice but I think it’s a bit out of the place. I mean, interior design is more into European thingy, but what is Elvis doing there? Maybe the owner of the place has some kind of passion towards him, who knows XD

Iced Tea (Pitcher) – IDR 10.000
Sop Konro (including steamed rice) – IDR 22.000
 Sop Konro is beef ribs soup originated from Makassar, Indonesia. The ribs was not too big, not meaty, and tasted a bit bland compared to the usual beef ribs I have.

Konro Bakar (including steamed rice) – IDR 24.000
This is also the same as above, just they put the ribs separately with the soup.

Coto Makassar – IDR 16.000
  A stew made from the mixture of nuts and spices with beef parts which include beef brain, tongue and intestine, usually known as coto, is another popular dish from Makassar. This tastes nice, without being too oily, I wish they put more beef inside, though.

Red Fried Rice – IDR 17.000
Served with the star-shaped telor ceplok,  this fried rice was cute and yummy at the same time.

Es Oyen – IDR 8.000
This is what I like from this kind of place, sometimes I can get very delicious stuffs with very cheap prices. This is not an exception. Love the generous amount of jackfruit, avocado and coconut slices, also the black glutinous rice (my favorite!) and the vanilla syrup just made things even better! Bless the person who created this wonderful piece of art 🙂
d’ HOEK Roemah Kuliner
Jl. Taman Bintaro Barat F1/1 
Bintaro Jaya Sektor 1

Jakarta, Indonesia 12320