I Love Taimei is probably a catchy phrase to name your restaurant, or so I think. The concept of this was brought by two Taiwanese sisters who are passionate about food, Taiwanese food particularly. The first outlet was opened in Singapore and gained popularity quickly, now they already have 4 outlets including this one in Jakarta, which has been operating since the end of December 2013.

The outlet in Jakarta is located at Tribeca, Central Park. The place is decorated with pink girly theme and although it’s not big, some tables are available for dining in. There is also the outside dining area which overlooks the beautiful view of Tribeca Park. 
The main menu of I Love Taimei is the crispy chicken (named with Taiwanese pop stars), rice box and of course, Taiwanese drinks like tea, milk tea etc. We just finished another lunch somewhere else that time so we decided to try the SET COMBO 4 (IDR 58K), which we got a Taimei Chicken Thigh, drink, and sweet potato.
Taimei Chicken Thigh
Other than the widely-talked SHE crispy chicken, we decided to go for the chicken thigh which is named Jolin (Tsai). They use all chicken thigh for this set, and I couldn’t hope for better one! The chicken was perfectly deep-fried, with very crispy skin and soft meat. I really loved the seasonings, too; sweet and sour blended nicely. I would really recommend this one.
Honey Lemon Tea
We heard their specialty is the special milk tea, but we wanted something fruity with hints of refresher, so we chose this one. Not disappointing at all. The honey tasted very strong accompanied with lemon, it was not only refreshing but also very gentle for my throat after munching so much oil! Definitely a good partner to enjoy some crispy fried chicken.
Sweet Potato
As expected, the sweet potatoes were really sweet and delicious, but I think this time they seasoned mine too much because it was very salty in the outside. But this doesn’t mean I will stop munching, LOL!
Honestly, I didn’t find it special whatsoever, but I for one, will definitely come back and try more of their menu. Wanted the tofu fries so bad but it wasn’t available during my visit. So, until next time!
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I Love Taimei
Tribeca of Central Park Mall 
Level UG #6
Jl. Letjen S. Parman Kav. 28
Jakarta Barat 11470
Free Wi-fi: Available
Opening Hours: Mon-Sun 11.00 – 23.00 
Estimated Spending: IDR 50.000/person