Papa Ron’s Pizza has been around for long time, I think. However, although I ate their pizzas many times in the past, somehow I had never really remembered anything, like the tastes or what’s so special about their pizzas. That day, when I and my brother went to Kelapa Gading Sports Mall to look for a shop, we saw it when we just entered the mall, so we decided to give it a visit.
The restaurant itself was empty, not surprising because the mall itself is always so quiet. I remember I went to this mall twice before but as usual, there were not much people around.

Yummy-looking menu for pizzas 
The puff itself is very crispy yet chewy. It’s just perfect for my taste 😉

Cream Chicken Mushroom Soup with En Croute Puff Pastry (Rp. 20.000,-)
Thai Garlic Chicken Pizza (Small) – Rp. 33.000,-
We wanted to try something different and surprisingly it’s good!

Extravaganza (Small) – Rp. 29.000,-

Smoked Beef Supreme Calzone – Rp. 42.000,-
I can never resist ordering a calzone, but I wasn’t disappointed 🙂

The sauce that comes for the calzone, basically tastes like tomato mixed with chili sauce.
Coke (Rp. 35.000,-/pitcher)

Food: they were served hot and fresh, well-made and tasted good.
Price: I think their prices are pretty reasonable.
Service: I don’t think I can judge about the speed, because we were the only guests that time. But waitresses were polite and friendly.
Ambience: Clean and comfortable.

Papa Ron’s Pizza
Kelapa Gading Sports Mall
Jl. Kelapa Nias Blok HF 3 
Jakarta Utara
Tel. 4587 6256