St. Valentine’s Day is probably one of the most festive, merry, and long awaited event every year after Christmas. And I am not even exaggerating, because clearly everyone -couples or singles- can enjoy this special day with their loved ones, not necessarily in romantic relationships. 
Egg Nest Bistro is located between Mahakam and Melawai street in Kebayoran Baru area, just across the Blok B Church. The restaurant is part of Oak Tree Hotel but it has its own entrance door right away from the parking area. The place is very spacious with elegant dining tables dominated with gray and brown colors. One thing that I noticed right away was the flying birds mural on the walls, complete with tree ornaments full of bird nests in one side of the hall. According to Ms. Agnes (one of the founders, and our host that day), the egg represents new life and the nest represents a warm, safe and comfortable place. By the way, Egg Nest term also comes from her name. #trivia

Like I mention above, the restaurant is very big and spacious, it even has a very large bar section, wine room separated by glass doors and windows in the dining area, and big projector screen in the middle.

I was invited by Egg Nest Bistro last Sunday to try their new dessert menu, La Fleur Cakean edible flower in a pot, which intrigued me so much when I read about it. The idea sounds so creative and I couldn’t wait to see (and taste) it. But before that was served, I also got the chance to try some of their menus.
Egg Nest Special Salad IDR 58K
First impression was very good, it is beautiful and colorful, for a salad, it’s perfect. The unique part is the nest-like shape, made from rosti, deep-fried grated potatoes. Honestly, I really love the potatoes, it’s crispy and fragrant! On top of that, there is a slice of smoked beef and a boiled egg, perfectly shimmered with Bearnaise and creamy spinach sauce. The “nest” is put on top of fresh vegetables mixed with salad vinegar and oil makes it a bit sour but refreshing.

Chocolate Parfait Merry-Go-Round IDR 58K

When it was served, I couldn’t help but noticing how cute the presentation was! Again, it was presented very beautifully like nest, how creative. I also remember I chuckled a bit because it somehow reminds me of *ahem* balls, if you know what I mean, LOL. We got 3 scoops of very delicious and sweet chocolate ice creams, an upside-down ice cream cone, and crispy chocolatey nest. The ice creams were a big satisfactory for me because they are so damn delicious, very thick, rich and strong chocolates! The nest is a bit hard to crack, but it is also very nice, sweet and enjoyable. A perfect sample of chocolate dessert, it is.

Panna Cotta IDR 48K

Contrary to what I understand about panna cotta, this was more like creamy milk vanilla pudding to me.  Although it is described as panna cotta, the texture is quite different because we immediately could tell that it wasn’t. The texture was slightly harder, and I think it was too creamy. The dressing was supposed to be melba sauce, but I couldn’t really taste the distinctive peach, so this didn’t impress me as much as the other menus did.

Calamari Rings / French Fries @IDR 48K

By the second dessert, we were quite full of sweetness, and I was glad they brought some salty stuffs for us. The first one, calamari rings, were very nice, crispy yet soft and tender inside. The second one, french fries, it was like, err.. french fries. Nonetheless, they were very nice snacks to chew and neutralize the sweetness of the line of desserts! Totally saviors of the day!

Nested Pavlova IDR 48K
A stack of meringue served with fresh strawberry really made my day. I love the meringue, but I wish they are more expressive with the jam and sauce. But well, nice try!

La Fleur Cake IDR 68K

So this is the queen of the day! The new additional menu from Egg Nest Bistro starting from February 10th, this is introduced celebrating St. Valentine’s day. The flower can be ordered for dine-in, take-away, even delivered right to your home. Why bother giving real flowers when you can give edible one? The flowers are very pretty, and the pot contains of cheesecake, chocolate mousse and Oreo crumbles which are arranged to look exactly like soil. How cool is that?
I was very excited to try this one, and I wasn’t disappointed. It was very beautiful presentation, and the cheesecake was superb. It was sweet, a bit too sweet for me, but again, it is cheesecake! The chocolate mousse was perfectly blended inside, very soft and fragrant. And the pot is quite big to be shared so it’s a very nice idea to order/buy this as Valentine’s gift for your partner and enjoy it together later. =D
And well, if you happen to be outside Jakarta or miss this beautiful cake for the special day, don’t you worry, because the cake will be permanently available as one of their desserts menu. 

Fruity Yakult Peach IDR 28K

This is the recommended drink which seems to be quite popular among Egg Nest Bistro’s patrons, the fruity yakult drinks. I chose the peach flavor because I wanted something citrusy and sour to help digesting the sweet desserts. I had never been happier with my choice, because it did its job perfectly. Loved the peachy flavor and the sourness of the yakult, blended very nicely and tasted awesome!

Egg Nest Bistro
Oak Tree Hotel
Jl. Sampit 5 No. 3
Kebayoran Baru
Jakarta Selatan
Ph. +62 21 727 80828
Opening Hours: Mon-Sun 06.30 – 22.30