Undoubtedly, the Korean wave is still going on, if not more popular than ever. One of the latest trends is Lotteria, the junk food chain store that is claimed to be more healthy than your usual junk food. 
We tried the newer branch in Kemang Village, Exion Mall to be exact. And we absolutely love it.
Let me tell you something. When I went to that mall for the first time, which is 3 days after the grand opening, not many shops were open yet. And here it is, the Lotteria, already open and strategically-located, just across the XXI cinema, made it quite outstanding and become a popular choice for people who come looking for places to eat. The mall has separated buildings for eateries, so if you don’t bother to go there, this is practically the best choice. Smart move ahead, definitely.
First, we ordered the Special Family Chicken Pack for only IDR 99.000+++, where we got 9 pcs of fried chicken and a 1.5L bottle of Pepsi. We could choose two types of the chicken, which were Hot Spicy and Hot Sweet Chicken. I like the hot spicy ones better, while the hot sweet ones were too sweet and left weird taste afterwards. In term of crispiness, the chicken are really crispy and very fresh (as they are just fried when ordered). And the sizes were like, enormous! The price of each chicken is originally IDR 11.000+++ so by buying this pack, let’s say we got the Pepsi for free. And we added white rice for each of us, which costs of IDR 5.000+++/each.
Hot Sweet Chicken

Hot Spicy Chicken
I bought the Chicken Soup too, which tasted like home-made clear chicken soup with tons of pepper. The ingredients are cabbage, carrots, spring onions, and tiny chunks of chicken breasts. 
Chicken Soup – IDR 5.000+++
I also ended up ordering the Seasoning Potato, which reminds me of those shaker french fries back then from McDonald’s. They come with 3 seasoning options: chilli, cheese or onion flavors. And I chose cheese one, which was quite nice, but I still want to go back just to try the other two.
Seasoning Potato – IDR 15.000+++

With cheese seasonings, ready to shake!
Besides fried chicken, they also serve bites-sized chickens on cups, burgers, etc. I’ll definitely come back for more!
*All prices are subject to 10% government tax
eXion Mall – Kemang Village
3F Unit 05 
Jl. Pangeran Antasari Kav. 36