Are you craving for cheese cake? What will come up to your mind when you think about cheese cake? In my case, it’ll be nothing but Cheese Cake Factory. 🙂 Enjoying my first experience with this brand was when I was in the US, it was so memorable. Why are their cheese cakes so special? I don’t know, but one thing for sure, I’m so glad that they have one of the branches in Indonesia, particularly in Jakarta.
This time we came there for lunch. I had never tried dining in there before, so I was kinda excited. 
Welcome to the real cheese cake factory!
What’s Italian food without 
the chili peppers and parmesan cheese?
Menu of the month:
Pan-fried Gindara with Black Pasta,
didn’t try it, though.
Blueberry Heaven (Rp. 30.000,-)
Tastes like yoghurt, very refreshing.
Mocha Blend (Rp. 25.000,-)
Sweet temptation!
Mushroom Soup (Rp. 29.000,-)
This comes in quite a big plate, and very delicious.
Classic Caesar Salad (Rp. 35.000,-)
Calamari with Apple Aioli (Rp. 35.000,-)
I think the sauce is really unique 🙂
Chicken Stroganoff (Rp. 75.000,-)
Fettucini Carbonara (Rp. 55.000,-)
Spicy Beef Pizza Regular (Rp. 50.000,-)
What I can say is that the foods are good, but not the best. The pizza is the worst because it tastes like frozen food. Clearly the ingredients (like tomato paste) may not be fresh ones. But other than that, they taste nice and presentations are also very good.
Nonetheless, I will still come here to enjoy the cheese cakes!
Overall Rating: 7.5/10
Cheese Cake Factory
Jl. Barito 2 No. 19A, Barito
Jakarta Selatan 12130
Ph: 62-21-7392102