Calling all Japanese cheese tarts lovers! Finally, our favorite brand BAKE Cheese Tart from Hokkaido, Japan is opening its first outlet here in Jakarta, Indonesia this week, YAY! We were so ecstatic to be invited to the preview and tasting event last week in Publik Markette, Grand Indonesia and can’t wait to share with all of you.

Short introduction just in case you didn’t know, BAKE Cheese Tart comes originally from Hokkaido, Japan and is actually a freshly baked cheese tart specialty store. Since the opening of first outlet in Shinjuku, Tokyo in February 2014; BAKE Cheese Tart has successfully spread its wings all over Japan, and later expanded its business worldwide including Hong Kong, Thailand, South Korea, Singapore, Taiwan and Shanghai. This outlet in Indonesia will be their 41st outlet and honestly I just want to say thank you for finally opening a store here in my country! *tears* 😉

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Personally, I am never really a fan of cheese tart but it’s safe to say I fell in love to BAKE cheese tarts from the first bite. It became a mandatory thing to buy whenever I travel to Singapore or Thailand as they already have BAKE outlets in different locations.

Using Hokkaido rich and fresh cheese and milk, carefully made in Hokkaido factory by craftsmen, then sent directly from Hokkaido straight to shops worldwide, they will make sure you’ll get the perfect taste when you buy them in nearest outlets.

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The special introduction for BAKE Cheese Tart gathering that day was brought by Raymond Umbara (the President Director of PT Bakeri Keju Indonesia) and Yoshihisa Haruyama (Overseas Business Division Executive Officer BAKE Cheese Tart Japan) giving us better information about the brand and product. It’s very heart-warming to hear that to achieve their goal to provide customers with best cheese tarts, BAKE Cheese Tart specializes in only ONE product (the cheese tarts) so they can keep focused into perfecting these tarts.


Mr. Yoshihisa Haruyama from BAKE Cheese Tart Japan

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What are BAKE cheese tarts?

BAKE cheese tarts are made up of 2 main components: the cheese mousse filling and crispy tart crust. The cheese mousse filling has this smooth and fluffy texture, made using 4 kinds of cheese (3 from Hokkaido & 1 from France). The cheese mousse is creamy yet light with perfect saltiness that will blow your minds away! The crispy tart crust use BAKE’s secret original blend flour and “double-bake” baking method. Each crust is baked once as cookies and baked one more time after the cheese mousse is added to give it crispier texture.

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Why BAKE cheese tarts?

Okay, maybe you are still not convinced and wondering what’s the big deal about these cheese tarts since they are just, well.., cheese tarts? Well, to give you the idea, let me try to mention why you should try BAKE cheese tarts at least once in your life!

  • The premium, top-quality ingredients originally imported from Hokkaido, Japan, which is known for its great dairy products.
  • The creamy, fluffy original cheese mousse filling that is so delicious you won’t mind skipping your diet for them!
  • The crispy, delicious tart crusts that perfectly form unique flavor of BAKE cheese tarts.
  • 40 outlets in 3 years, worldwide.
  • The amazing yearly sales of 35 million pieces of cheese tarts across the 40 stores worldwide, hey, that’s a record!
  • It will open in Jakarta, Indonesia soon and you guys simply have to try them! XD

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Where can I get BAKE Cheese Tart in Indonesia?

The first outlet in Jakarta is located in West Mall of Grand Indonesia, exactly at Lower Ground (LG) level, just beside Sushi Tei restaurant. The concept is take and go so there is no table or seating area. Although the shop is relatively small, the design is pretty gorgeous and make sure to hold your saliva upon seeing all those yellow tarts of happiness! XD


How to enjoy the best of BAKE cheese tarts?

BAKE cheese tarts are best consumed directly within the day of purchase. However, you can always try other ways of enjoying BAKE cheese tarts like:

  • Chilled: chill them in the fridge and enjoy the cheese tarts like a chilled cheesecake
  • Frozen: put them in freezer to enjoy a creamier cheese ice cream texture
  • Warm: warm the cheese tarts in a toaster oven for “melt in your mouth” experience as if they are freshly baked!

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How much is BAKE cheese tart?

  • IDR 29,000/piece
  • IDR 165,000/6 pieces

The prices above are inclusive of taxes.
If you buy 1-3 pieces, you’ll get paper bag, while purchase of minimum of 3 pieces, you’ll get box.


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When can I try BAKE cheese tarts?

Mark your calendar now because the first outlet in Jakarta will open for public on 7 October 2017, woohoo! We can’t wait to buy boxed of the cheese tarts and hopefully you’ll love them as much as we do!

Last but not least, congratulations to BAKE Cheese Tart for the opening of 41st outlet in Jakarta, Indonesia, and wish you the best luck!



** This review is written based on our visit on 24 September 2017.


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Jalan M.H. Thamrin No. 1
Kebon Melati, Tanah Abang
Central Jakarta 10310


Opening Hours:
Mon – Sun 10AM – 10PM