Few weeks ago, I visited Rock ‘N Sugar Coffee & Bistro to try its new promotion called Quick Lunch The Series. Before I go further with the promotion, let’s talk about the restaurant first. 😉

Rock ‘N Sugar Coffee & Bistro is the main restaurant of Luminor Hotel Pecenongan, which is located at the lobby level of the hotel. Luminor Hotel itself is managed under Waringin Hospitality Group, which also manages several hotel units across Java at the best location throughout Jakarta & Surabaya. Even at the first glance, Luminor looks like a smart and casual hotel suitable for Business & Leisure, where practicality meets sophistication.

As the main restaurant of Luminor Hotel, Rock ‘N Sugar Coffee & Bistro is also the place where all the hotel guests have breakfasts, lunches, or dinners, so needless to say, it opens every day, 24 hours a day. During the usual days, it is basically a contemporary casual restaurant, featuring International fusion food with a touch of Indonesian recipe, where the Executive Chef Arriyanto will assure that your dining experience will travel throughout the nation.



The “Bajaj” in front of the restaurant becomes like an icon of Rock ‘N Sugar.

The restaurant is decorated nicely with modern contemporary setting and beautifully mixed with cultural touch that reminds you of the colorful Asian roots. The motive of tiles, walls, floors, even chairs, give an interesting edgy looks that makes the restaurant feels warm and less pretentious.


Bar area, you can have some coffee and watch your favorite sports here!

Occupying quite a large space, the restaurant is divided into the indoor and semi outdoor area, with long buffet stand in the center of the indoor area. Frankly speaking, the semi outdoor area is gorgeous! But during daytime, it can be very bright and hot, although there are some standing aircons installed in the area. This seems to be a perfect spot for taking beautiful photos but too bad, that day, the tables in that area were fully booked because there was a corporate meeting or something like that.


Semi outdoor seating area.


Indoor seating area, with lots of yellow and blue hues. XD

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Quick Lunch the Series

Since the opening of Luminor Hotel Pecenongan on August 2016, it seems that not only hotel guests visiting the restaurant for breakfasts, but many guests who don’t stay in the hotel also visit the restaurant for lunch or dinner. In Luminor Surabaya, this program has already proven its popularity, so the Luminor Jakarta starts this promotion of Quick Lunch the Series, too.

The promotion features a lunch buffet with 99 selection of menu items; including Western, Asian, and Indonesian food. The All You Can Eat buffet is priced at only IDR 85,000/person NETT, valid every Tuesday to Friday from 12.00 until 14.30. Better yet, the super affordable rate already includes free flow of sweet iced tea, and no time limit so you can stay there and indulge yourself with more and more food until it reaches 2.30PM!

The interesting point is that they will have different theme every day, such as:

  • Tuesday: Kampung Betawi
  • Wednesday: Gebyok Jawa
  • Thursday: Sunda Ngariung
  • Friday: Selera Nusantara

And as if these themes are not enough, each day of different weeks they will feature different type of dishes, so let’s say that the dish you find this Tuesday, may not be available anymore on Tuesday next week, so even if you visit again that day, you won’t find the same dish and won’t get bored!


The day I visited this place was Wednesday so I tried their Gebyok Jawa theme, which supposedly features Javanese popular dishes at the very least. The first recommended station to try is Nasi Nusantara, which basically is a national dish which is commonly found in Indonesian themed restaurant. With so many options of toppings, from fried chicken to corn fritters, fried tofu to tempeh, many variety of sambal (Indonesian spices pastes), this station is a heaven for any Rames-an (mixed rices) lovers!



Another featured dish that day is Soto Sukaraja, which has its own stations (exactly 2 stations dedicated for this dish only so you know why I was so dead curious about it!). Soto Sukaraja is originally famous from Banyumas, Central Java, and known for its bold and tasty broth, best eaten with peanut sambal sauce. I tried this once during my trip to Yogyakarta several years ago, and although it was not in Banyumas, the stall owner is actually from Banyumas so I think what I  tried that time is kind of legit.

pa191645-1 pa191647-2

When I saw the station for the first time, though, I was disappointed because I didn’t think it was the actual Soto Sukaraja that I imagined. The first thing I noticed from the bowl of prepared ingredients is that they used cabbage in the soto, which I believe is not the characteristic of a Soto Sukaraja. From what I learned in the past, it only uses beansprouts, lots of chicken or beef, rice vermicelli, even the colorful crackers are missing! I mean, even from the first glance, this didn’t look like a Soto Sukaraja at all.


In term of broth, I don’t think this was tasty enough to be called Soto Sukaraja, but the calm and mild flavor was kinda enjoyable after some spoonfuls of it. It kind of grew on me afterwards and amazingly I can say I found it addictive. Too bad though, I didn’t find the iconic peanut sambal sauce to accompany my “Soto Sukaraja”. So, although the stations looked interesting, I was barely impressed with it. Perhaps, naming it Soto Ayam or Soto Traditional is better, IMHO.


Other stations also featured many others Indonesian popular dishes like Pecel Madiun, Trancam (I was surprised to find it there, something similar to karedok), Mie Bakso, and many more. Besides, if you are not in the mood of having Indonesian dishes, you can always have some of their Asian or International dishes! With selections from appetizers (salads), bread and pastry, main course, and desserts, all you have to do is just to prepare your tummy when visiting this restaurant! XD

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The desserts caught my attention right away because they were presented attractively although one of my input for the restaurant is to actually add more traditional desserts or snacks instead of showcasing international ones. I mean, since they are having an Indonesian theme, why don’t just go all the way Indonesian?

pa191681-5 pa191677-33 pa191568-2 pa191593-11 pa191590-10 OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

In the end, my ultimate favorite dish of the day went to this super yummy kolak dessert with buah atap and sweet potato blocks; so good I had to take several bowls before I left! Beside this pot, there is also mung bean porridge, which I mixed altogether before adding some coconut milk, YUM!! I really wish they add more variety of Indonesian desserts or simple snacks like jajanan pasar to celebrate the Indonesian theme more deeply.


Overall, this Quick Lunch the Series program is a really great promotion because where else can you find a cheap super affordable lunch buffet like this, in the middle of Jakarta? Moreover, the selection is good and the dishes are generally very decent. So when you are around Pecenongan area, you might want to drop by and check this out!



** This review is written based on our visit on 19 October 2016.


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