Batik, who doesn’t love it? Batik is considered as one of the most beautiful Indonesian cultural heritages, not to mention that people all around the world also have recognized Batik openly and wear it in important events. We Indonesians celebrate National Batik Day every year on 2 October, and as a Batik lover myself, I was ecstatic to be invited by Pasaraya Blok M to join their “Tribute To Batik” event, which is currently happening for a month (30 September – 30 October 2016).

A bit about Pasaraya Blok M, formerly known as Sarinah Jaya, the department store was located on the 3rd floor of Sarinah Building in Jalan MH Thamrin, Central Jakarta. It became very popular because of the unique, authentic products it had in stores, brought from all around Indonesia. Due to the high popularity, the department store was moved to Blok M area in 1980, with expanded area as big as 200.000 sqm, easily makes it the biggest department store in Indonesia. The renewed department store was later renamed as Pasaraya, then Pasaraya Big & Beautiful, and later, Pasaraya Grande and now it’s Pasaraya The Pride of Indonesia.

Interestingly, in this one-month event “Tribute To Batik”, we can find various things about batik, from clothing, kitchenware, art and crafts, not to mention that we can get lots of promotions shopping batik during this event. My favorite is their Pasar Klewer stands, which is inspired by the real Pasar Klewer in Solo, Central Java. Pasar Klewer itself is the biggest textile market in Solo which sells extensive selection of batik. I am sure you’ll turn your head if you walk by these stands, because there are mountains of beautiful, colorful batik with SUPER CHEAP price tags. One piece of top (shirt) is priced at around IDR 50,000, it is so cheap and I couldn’t control myself for not buying lots of them! XD


Before we went crazy shopping, we had lunch at DapuRaya, the large food court area located on the LG floor of Pasaraya. DapuRaya is seriously HUGE and that’s why they separate the area into 2 parts: DapuRaya 1 & DapuRaya 2, which are actually connected inside. Both areas offer more than 100 food stands, some are “gerobakan”, some are “pikulan”, and the area is basically a heaven for Indonesian food lovers.


Because the area is too big, if you are not familiar with it or you are in hurry looking for lunch, it’s better to take a peek at the directory board provided in both entrances. This will save your time, like, a lot! 😉


Personally, I have been in DapuRaya a couple of times before this visit and this is the place I and family always come to whenever we want some Indonesian food. It’s safe to say that whatever you want, they have it here as long as it’s Indonesian food. Of course there are some stalls which also sell International food (Asian and Western) but majority of the stalls sell Indonesian traditional food, from soto to sate, nasi uduk to nasi gudeg, even various desserts which are so nostalgic!

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Thanks to the large and spacious area of DapuRaya, it’s never difficult to find table even during the busiest time (e.g. lunch time or weekends). I really like the generous spacings between the tables, as usual food courts are cramped, DapuRaya has never made me feel that way. The decoration is simple yet so Indonesian it warms my heart every time I am there. The place is simply comfortable and it’s also perfect for gathering with family and friends.


With so many options of food stalls all over the area, it’s sometimes confusing which one to pick. If you can’t make up your mind, order 2 or more (just like I did, LOL!) so you can try everything eventually! XD The prices are very affordable and I can safely say that IDR 100,000 for 2 main dishes is very possible here. 😉

Nasi Bakar Teri (from Nasi Bakar Mbok Moe)

My first choice and wasn’t disappointed at all! Was really surprised to see how big the rice is. Nasi bakar refers to steamed rice seasoned with spices and ingredients, then wrapped in banana leaves secured with lidi semat and later grilled upon charcoal fire. It was my first time seeing a round-shaped nasi bakar as usually it’s made in tubular shape. The wrapped nasi bakar is served with perkedel (potato fritter), sambal, tomato and cucumber slices.


Even before I opened the wrap, it was already fragrant and inviting. There are many types of the fillings but I opted for the Nasi Bakar Teri (anchovies) and I couldn’t be happier. The rice was perfectly solid, filled with thick layer of spices and other ingredients, with so many anchovies everywhere. The rice looked plain white but it was very tasty and the texture is also perfect. I love how the tasty fillings enhanced the whole flavor of the rice.


Sate Ayam Madura (from Soto Sulung)

Chicken satay is one of my favorite Indonesian food and this is definitely not to miss. The satay is okay but the peanut sauce was lacking of flavor, not to mention that it was given very little. Maybe next time I will just order lamb satay!

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Es Campur Durian (from Kolak Durian Mandra)

For the dessert, I couldn’t miss anything related to durian when there is an option for that, so here it is. The so-called Es Campur (mixed ice) basically doesn’t have anything else than real durian fruit. Actually I was quite satisfied because they put 2 large durian fruits inside the ice and it was better than eating mixed ice with durian paste. The durian was sweet and quite meaty, although it was a local one (judging from the size of the seeds).


Es Doger Special (from Es Doger Granita)

This pink ice is also one of my favorite Indonesian-style mixed ice and I am glad they made it completely with the ingredients I knew. Although I don’t usually enjoy the avocado in my Es Doger, here the avocado is riped and soft so it is very delicious and easy to eat. YUM!


Beside the department stores and food court, Pasaraya also provides family entertainment such as Pinisi Edutainment Park for kids. So if you happen to bring your kids while shopping, your kids won’t get bored waiting for you! The Tribute To Batik event only lasts until 30 October 2016, so don’t miss the chance to shop anything batik in Pasaraya, see you there!



** This review is written based on our visit on 5 October 2016.


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