Welcoming the first authentic Japanese Fluffy Cakes here in Jakarta….




FUWA FUWA is located along the lines of shophouses in Elang Laut, PIK, which seems to be the latest trending spot for culinary lovers in Jakarta. From what I learned, FUWA FUWA has already had outlets in Malaysia and this outlet in Jakarta will open for public on 28 October 2016. This date remarks the opening of the first shop in Jakarta that sells authentic Japanese fluffy cakes! Using fresh ingredients and modern Japanese techniques, FUWA FUWA promises to serve us the fluffiest and tastiest cakes you will ever taste in Indonesia.

The shop is small and there is no table and seat at all, so the concept is more like typical Japanese bakeries where guests come and have the products for take-away. Simply decorated, the place looks bright with dominant touch of yellow, and you can even learn one or two things about FUWA FUWA from the wall decorations.


Are you ready?!

Fuwa Fuwa (ふわふわ) is a Japanese word that describes the sound made by something light and fluffy. Imagine the sound of sinking your teeth into a cloud. Imagine having a cake that is so light and airy, that even a child could easily enjoy! Are you imagining it? Good, then we are talking now. 😉

Everyday from 7AM, the bakers will start making the cake so they will be ready when the shop opens at 10AM. It takes about 45 minutes for baking process to make one batch of cake, and we all witnessed it from the scratch, so rest assured, each cake you buy is freshly made!


Since the cakes sizes are only 16 cm, they only provide whole cake for sale, not sliced ones. Currently there are 3 flavors available: signature cheesy cake, chocolate, and matcha. Each flavor has their own uniqueness and distinctive tastes, but one similar thing is when they are baked, we can already smell the delicious aroma lingering in the air! It made us very impatient waiting for the cakes to finish baking so we can grab some for ourselves!

Signature Cake IDR 100,000/round

The first one to try is the signature cheese cake, which is fluffy and light. What I like about Japanese cheesecake is usually they are very light in texture (although it depends on the area of origin, for example, Hokkaido cheesecake is more dense and “heavier” since the dairy products are different) and leave you the guilt-less feeling even after you grab more than 1 slice. XD

FUWA FUWA signature cake is indeed very light yet moist, with super mild cheese flavor, which I believe is good because even non cheese lovers can enjoy. According to the staff, the cheese flavor will get stronger and more prominent after being kept in the fridge. We actually tried this at home and it really worked wonders! So for you, cheese fans, do try this and be amazed! 😉



Chocolate Cake IDR 120,000/round

Among the 3 flavors I tried, this is my personal favorite! The texture is as fluffy as the signature cake but I think this one is even more moist than the signature. The chocolate flavor is really strong and fragrant, especially because they also put choco chips inside the batter. This is heavenly good and I can eat this whole cake alone, LOL!


Matcha Cake IDR 120,000/round

Last but not least, the Matcha flavor. I was torn apart between matcha and chocolate, since I love both of these flavors so much. However, the matcha flavor has a hint of jasmine so I was thinking that they probably use Taiwanese matcha instead of Japanese one. The reason why I like high-grade Japanese matcha is because it has a distinctive fragrance and slight bitterness that will not go away easily even with additional sugar (in regular measurement).

A bit about the making process: so they actually mix the batter manually using human hands! The reason is simple, by using hands, the staff can directly monitor the texture, temperature, and consistency of the batter when it is ready. To ensure that each cake is uniform, each pan is weighed before baked so the size and height are consistent. Time and precision are the points here in FUWA FUWA, so you’ll be amazed to see how fast they work!


After the baking process is done, it’s the most interesting part when each cake is stamped! This might look cute but the staffs who do it have to be really careful in order to leave the best mark possible. The problem is if they put stronger pressure to the stamp, few parts from the frame of the stamp will also leave mark on the cake, and it’s totally unacceptable and can’t be sold to customers. This is a really strict rule but we applaud them for their maximum perfection to assure customers’ satisfactions!

pa242264-18 pa242269-20 pa242303-26

The matcha cake is probably the one with higher moisture, I don’t know why but it looks a bit “wet” to me. Not that I am complaining but the texture is a bit different from Japanese cheesecake I normally find. The matcha flavor is really strong and delicious, but yes, it would be better if there is slight bitterness rather than only a sweet taste, IMHO.


Fuwa Bites IDR 35,000/pack

Beside the cheesecake, FUWA FUWA will also sell FUWA Bites, which is like cookies version of the fluffy cake, so it is crunchy but soft. The airy cake becomes spongy cookies and you can eat them continuously because it is so addictive.


pa242229-14 pa242231-15

The FUWA Bites is packaged beautifully in resealable bags containing all 3 flavors of the cookies: Signature, Chocolate, and Matcha. Unlike typical cookies, the bites are quite light since the basic batter is for fluffy cake, so it has many holes like sponge and without you realizing, you’ll finish a bag in seconds! XD


The 16 cm fluffy cakes are sold per round and each cake will be wrapped in special paper and put inside a very cute package, ready for take away. I personally think that if they can provide tables and chairs for dine-in, it would have been much better because guests can enjoy their cakes as soon as they come out from the oven, as I believe fluffy cakes like these are best enjoyed when they are still warm. However, you can always bring it somewhere nearby to enjoy the cake as fresh as possible. 😉

If you buy minimum of 3 rounds, you’ll get a cute paper bag, so it’s actually very nice of them to already think one step ahead for guests’ conveniences, bravo!

pa242201-8 pa242337-29

FUWA FUWA offers the first fluffy cake with Japanese recipe and technique, which I think is very attractive to Indonesian market. With such affordable prices, I am sure Japanese food lovers or dessert enthusiasts are really looking forward to get their hands on these cakes! Another good news is that they are planning to launch more flavors in the future such as blueberry or lime, which I think is a smart strategy to maintain the hype.

So, don’t forget to mark your calendar and head out to their Elang Laut PIK outlet tomorrow (28 October) and try! 😉



** This review is written based on our visit on 24 October 2016.


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Elang Laut Boulevard Blok C No. 36
Jl. Pantai Indah Selatan

Pantai Indah Kapuk (PIK)
North Jakarta 14460
Ph. +62 21 511888

Opening Hours:
Mon – Sun 10AM – 10PM

Fuwa Fuwa is located right next to G.A.S. Station Bistro in the map below.