Following the success of other 3 outlets of OTW Food Street (Kelapa Gading, Depok, and Malang -East Java), the newest branch is opening about 2 weeks ago in Meruya Ilir Raya street, West Jakarta.

Prior to this visit, we had never visited any outlet of OTW Food Street, although I secretly had always been wanting to. Mr. K is not really into Indonesian-style food market like this because he thinks that the food are (usually) dominantly sweet. To cut this short, he prefers to get his hands dirty eating the deadly sambal at Warung Bu Kris everyday, rather than having to accompany me visiting “kekinian” (trending) places like this just for the sake of getting some Insta-genic photos.


OTW Food Street in Meruya is easily spotted from the street, thanks to the big signage, and all the wordings like you can find in Drive-In signage. Thanks, now I feel old. Does drive-in still exist nowadays?!

We didn’t expect that we could actually get parking space, but seriously, there is. And not only for bikes, which is good. The place looks quite big from the outside, but once we stepped in, we were even more amazed by the spacious area. There were some staffs who kindly greeted us and politely asked where we wanted to be seated, because they have smoking area (which is basically 80% of the whole place), and the no smoking area inside, separated by glass walls and door.


Not forgetting that there is second floor as well, so the place has really big seating capacity, probably more than 100 person.


The whole place looks like a polished warehouse to me, with some color combinations which remind me of Captain America, LOL. It is also very close to a factory, especially because they have these unique tables with the sewing machine pedal. XD


The no smoking area is clearly much more comfortable because there are aircons installed, and the room is pretty small, so yeah. But although it wasn’t really crowded yet when we arrived around 6.30PM, this area was already very crowded so we ended up sitting in the main smoking area. @_@

DSC_9157-1 DSC_9158-2

So basically, the order system is just like regular food court, only here it’s much more simple. There are only 4 stations where we can place our orders and pay right away while mentioning our table numbers. The food and drinks will then be delivered to our table by the staffs so it’s really a no hassle situation for us.

The Station 1 is located on the right side after the entrance, here we can order basically everything related to main dishes like rice, noodle, burgers, grilled breads, etc.


To order all kinds of drinks, go to Station 2 and trust me, they do prepare everything quite quickly. Thumbs up!


Station 3 is on the left side of the entrance, here we can order Kue Cubit, Cendol, and Iced Durian with all their glorious varieties.


Rainbow Bubble Gum IDR 35,000

I couldn’t resist ordering this cute colorful drink although the price is more expensive than 50% of the food menu. Bubble gum milkshake, blueberry sauce, whipped cream, biscuits, marshmallows, vanilla stick in one glass jar, sounds interesting, no? I actually liked the milkshake, it wasn’t too sweet but the toppings sweetened it crazily, especially the over-the-top generously-poured blueberry sauce. Not that I am complaining, though. If you are into blueberry, don’t miss this.


Szechuan Kebab IDR 28,000

This sad-looking bowl was very sad. I am running out of words to describe this in term of presentation. The so-called “kebab” was typical “kebab” sold in small local stalls or carts, seasoned with lots of spices. Taste-wise, it wasn’t bad at all, although for this price, I was hoping this would have been better. Oh yes, it was very spicy, try this at your own risk. You have been warned!


Mie Hijau Ayam Jamur IDR 23,000

Nowadays my relationship with noodles are getting closer and it will always be in my order list whenever it’s available. And I was expecting quite a lot from their green noodle because I have read some good comments about it. Unfortunately, the noodle itself was quite disappointing for me. It was overcooked, very soft, smelled and tasted like raw flour. The good thing was that they added so much chicken and mushroom on top of the noodle, very generous. Sadly even with all the toppings, those didn’t help removing the flour’s smell and taste.


Long John Bread LC IDR 60,000

This bread is definitely an instant eye-catcher whenever a staff brings one to any table. We opted for the C type, which supposedly served with beef patty black pepper, veggies, and cheese. I was impressed to see the length, but I was not happy about the fillings. Where was exactly my beef patty??


Everything I saw was just thin line of minced beef, instead of patty. Not only that, the bread was actually very soft and airy, when I was hoping for something harder or better-grilled, perhaps? To top it all, the sauces were somehow very sweet and sickening to some levels.

For sharing, this was okay but we think it was simply bad.


Kue Cubit Mix IDR 23,000

Now this is the part I had been waiting for! A visit to Indonesian-style food court is never complete without some local trademarks like Kue Cubit and Martabak. Right? 😉

We ordered the mix consisting of 5 flavor/colors: Milo, Green Tea, Red Velvet, Taro, Chocolate. I grow up always eating fully-cooked (matang) ones, but lately I am kinda used to half-cooked (setengah matang) ones. The half-cooked ones can taste like undone dough and it can be quite disgusting sometimes, but I have tried really good half-cooked ones. These ones were ordered to be almost-done (hampir matang), basically like medium-well for steak but the dough was too dense it totally tasted like uncooked. To make it worse, although they came in 5 different colors, there was almost no difference in term of flavors. Definitely not something that I will order again.


Roti Bakar Instagram IDR 28,000

Tried this grilled bread a.k.a. roti bakar decorated to look like Instagram logo, how cute is that?! With Nutella spread as the base, topped with grated cheese, brownies, and lidah kucing Rainbow (a kind of Indonesian cookies, translated as cat’s tongue because of its similar shape), the bread looked so good and tasted fine, too.


Martabak Carousel Green Tea IDR 135,000

Martabak, this food has become like, a trending trademark of local dishes nowadays. With so many new creations made out of it, we are never bored eating martabak. This time, we ordered the currently-trending Martabak Carousel, which they don’t fold like usual martabak and instead, keep it open while showing the different toppings for each slices.

For the base, we can choose between Pandan, Red Velvet, or Green Tea. We also can stick with the original base for lower price of IDR 125,000 complete with similar 8 toppings. I personally love this kind of martabak more because I can get different toppings for each slices, and it will be less boring that way. XD The martabak itself was quite nice with chewy texture. The toppings were given generously and spread very well. YUM!

DSC_9209-13 DSC_9196-15

Martabak Telur Mozzarella

This was actually a complimentary from OTW, perhaps because they saw us taking photos and suddenly a waiter delivered this to our table (thank you!). This one was perfectly made, with generous stuffing and fresh melted mozzarella. Irresistible!

DSC_9228-9 DSC_9233-8

Iced Duren Rainbow IDR 30,000

Although we practically were almost dead eating all those, dessert with durian in it is simply mandatory to order. XD I picked the rainbow variety for my Iced Duren, and I actually kind of regretted it. The toppings were really too much they killed the durian. What? Yes, even durian can be overpowered by something else, especially because there were too many things going on inside the bowl. Chocolate, cheese, ice cream, rainbow cereals, puddings, just to name “a few”. But, the durian inside *was* REAL and I was happy!

DSC_9237-7 DSC_9238-6

Back to the place, I think the decorations and attributes are very interesting here. You can see many things like in the pictures below, but our favorite is the sinks made from tires and petrol pumps!

DSC_9164-3 DSC_9156-22 DSC_9163-19DSC_9162-20

Overall, we really enjoyed our time there at OTW Meruya, because despite of the humidity, we managed to spend hours until it was almost closing hour sitting in the non-AC area. Currently they are still in Soft Opening period, so they are open from 4PM to 10PM everyday, except Mondays. We saw so many people: families, working people, students, dating couples, this place is definitely becoming another hit just like the other outlets. Hopefully they will keep being creative and improving their menu so people will keep coming again and again.

Wishing OTW Meruya the best of luck!


** This review is written based on our visit on 4 May 2016.


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