It’s no secret that Publik Markette has remained as one of my favorite restaurants since my first visit back in 2015, and I have lost count already how many times I come back there. In case you don’t know yet, what’s so interesting about this restaurant is actually the Food Gallery concept, where we can find different menu everyday. If you’re interested, you can read our full review about it HERE. This time, I am writing about their on-going promotion called Balinese Culinary Delights, which (obviously) revolves around Balinese authentic dishes paired with cocktails created exclusively by guest chef from Bali: Chef I Made Yoga Putra, and is available in the restaurant only from 22 April until 8 May 2016.

In term of concept, as one of ISMAYA Group’s restaurants, Publik Markette is always serious decorating its place with the matching theme. From Balinese-style decorations, until the accessories worn by the staffs, everything screams about Bali there. Even the food gallery is magically transformed into Balinese dishes heaven, complete with those colorful flowers, leaves, and not forgetting, the weaved bamboo plates!

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All the Balinese menu will be served on the weaved bamboo plate topped with banana leaf, and accompanied with Balinese organic red rice, sayur urap Bali, and sambal Matah. The red rice was super enjoyable, it didn’t feel like eating usual red rice because this one was so soft (not soggy).  Sayur urap was okay but I prefer Javanese sayur urap with grated coconut spices, LOL. In the other hand, I was seriously overjoyed because my favorite Sambal Matah was perfect here, although I wish they would have given more of that on the plate.

Sate Lilit Seafood IDR 60,000

Sate Lilit is one of the most commonly found “components” in Balinese rice dishes, usually made from minced meat mixed with various spices. Here we tried the seafood version and I must say I really loved it. The taste reminded me of fishcake with thicker, and rougher texture, with more flavors infused into it. The skewers are actually lemongrass so I could smell the fragrant stick and actually eat it as well if I want.


Balinese Grilled Chicken IDR 75,000

This well-marinated grilled chicken was so darn good I remember NO EFFORT eating this. The chicken was very tender and the meat could be just taken off the bones very easily. The seasoning had hint of sweetness but unlike other Indonesian grilled chicken, this had spiciness and dominated by savory flavor. Either you get thigh or breast, the texture is (amazingly) not much different.


Balinese Pork Ribs Bumbu Guling IDR 165,000

My favorite amongst all, it is not because I love pork more than everything else, but this really deserves a spotlight. The pork was so soft and tender it made me wonder how long they take to cook it. The seasonings were generously spread onto the whole ribs and even until the bones, you can still suck the tastiness. LOVE LOVE LOVE!


Pepes Ikan Laut IDR 80,000

Honestly no matter how much I love Indonesian food, I am never really a pepes fan. However, this fish pepes changed my mind immediately. The fish was very prominent here and the texture was also okay for me, not too soft, but very smooth. It almost felt like eating a steamed, spiced fish rather than pepes, that’s why I really liked it.


Jimbaran Grilled Snapper IDR 135,000

If you have been to Bali, you must know already that one of popular spots in Bali to eat seafood is Jimbaran. And by naming this, I expected quite a lot from this dish. And guess what? Again, Publik Markette didn’t disappoint me because it truly lives up to its name, the grilled snapper really reminded me of one dinner experience back in 2013 at Blue Marlin restaurant in Jimbaran. The fish, the aromatic spices, and the taste were completely Balinese. My only problem was that for this price, the snapper was too small.


Beside Balinese dishes, they also offer some options of Balinese wines and cocktails which are also available during these 3 weeks. We tried everything and my personal favorite was Made’s Day Off for the presentation, and Jimbaran Sunset for the taste. As for the other 3, frankly speaking, they are very beautiful too but the alcohol used are quite strong and you gotta like alcohol to actually enjoy drinking them.

Made’s Day Off IDR 115,000

Red Label, Amaretto, Lime, Mango, Passion Fruit


Monsoon Wedding IDR 125,000

St. Remy, Lychee, Red Wine, and Tropical Fruits


Jimbaran Sunset IDR 115,000

Havana, Malibu Rum, Coconut Water, Pineapple


Denpasar Moon IDR 125,000

Nikka Black Clear, Lime, Pineapple, Triple Sec


The Wild Orchid IDR 99,000

Absolut Vodka, Triple Sec, Lemon, Pineapple


If you happen to visit during these promotion weeks and don’t feel like eating Balinese dishes, worry not because they are still serving other food as well just like usual days.

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After all those meals, spare some space in your tummy for one (or more) desserts because seriously, they’re just too good to be missed!


Red Velvet Peanut Royale

My current favorite red velvet cake (sorry, Union!), this cake offers smooth red velvet cake spread with peanut butter and roasted peanuts. I love this combination of sweet and salty cake, and can actually eat 2 slices in one go. XD


Hanky Pinky

Combination of raspberry, cream cheese, lemon custard, and vanilla, resulting in a sweet cake with hint of sourness which is pretty addictive. And seriously, I found it hard to take my eyes off the cake because of the bright colors.


Crack Pie

OMG <333 I am so in love with this pie! This pie is believed to be originated from New York and we have already tried this on our last visit few months ago when we met Chef Philip (from USA) again. I assumed this menu is his another creation (correct me if I am wrong) and if it is indeed so, I can’t thank him enough to bring this yummy pie to Jakarta.


Overall, another fabulous dining experience here at Publik Markette, and we truly recommend everyone to visit and try this Balinese Culinary Delights while it lasts. Remember, only until this 8 May! See you!


** This review is written based on our visit on 23 April 2016.


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