Great news for shabu shabu lovers in Jakarta, there is one more Shaburi outlet opening recently in South Jakarta, precisely in Pondok Indah Mall (PIM) 2, YAY!

In case you don’t know about Shaburi, it can be said that it is the pioneer of personalized shabu shabu experience with your own personal pot installed on the table. Yes, you heard it right, what makes Shaburi different from typical shabu shabu restaurant in the past is that you don’t have to share the same pot with everyone else sitting in the same table. Your pot, your own. Sounds good? 😉


Although Shaburi already has so many outlets in Jakarta, and there has been a lot of “rumors” circulating that it has been taken by Boga Group (Bakerzin, Paradise Dynasty, Master Wok, Pepper Lunch, etc), ONLY 2 Shaburi’s outlets (this outlet and the one in Senayan City) are managed under Boga Group. Maybe people don’t care about this information but I feel the need to mention this as to clarify that this review is for this particular outlet and the dining experience in other outlets may differ.

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Shaburi’s specialty is their shabu shabu, you can choose with Plate/Set Menu, or (recommended) All You Can Eat Menu. The prices are different depend on the type of beef, days, time of dining, and your age group.

All You Can Eat Shabu Shabu Menu

Weekdays Lunch (Mon-Fri 10.00 – 17.00)
Duration: 90 minutes

Adult IDR 138,000/pax, Child/Senior IDR 77,000/pax

Special Beef
Adult IDR 188,000/pax, Child/Senior IDR 107,000/pax

Shaburi Wagyu
Adult IDR 218,000/pax, Child/Senior IDR 125,000/pax

Special Wagyu
Adult IDR 348,000/pax, Child/Senior IDR 197,000/pax

Weekdays/Weekend Dinner (Duration: 90 minutes)
Weekend Lunch (Duration: 70 minutes)

Adult IDR 158,000/pax, Child/Senior IDR 89,000/pax

Special Beef
Adult IDR 228,000/pax, Child/Senior IDR 131,000/pax

Shaburi Wagyu
Adult IDR 318,000/pax, Child/Senior IDR 179,000/pax

Special Wagyu
Adult IDR 428,000/pax, Child/Senior IDR 239,000/pax


The AYCE menu includes unlimited plates of your selected beef, vegetables and other ready-to-eat food at the buffet bar (sushi, snacks, even beef bowl!), desserts, and drinks. I think it’s a pretty good deal especially if you are really a big eater!

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This is the personal pot with the stove installed on the table, prepared literally for every guests. It is more than enough to cook loads of vegetables and dip in some beef slices, and better yet, nobody cares about what you put inside the pot and you can have all the freedom to be creative as you like!


Did I tell you that you can also choose your Dashi Soup according to your liking? They have 5 options like Original Konbu, Hot Miso, Chicken Collagen Paitan, Sukiyaki, and Soy Milk Miso.


For beginner, it’s always recommended to enjoy the shabu shabu with original soup so you can try the basic taste first, IMHO. The original konbu soup is clear with light brown color, tasty enough to give flavors to your meat and veggie, but neutral enough so you can try the many sauces available in the buffet bar.

DSC_4612-20-copy DSC_4618-22-copy DSC_4626-24-copy

This is the “normal” Beef plates, thinly sliced and as you can see, the fat are just too much. For me, if I go to Shaburi, I prefer to order the AYCE menu “level 2” upwards (Special Beef or higher), so you’ll get real, meaty beef. I don’t say this is bad, but are you sure you want to eat those fatty beef slices unlimited-ly?  XD

DSC_4628-26-copy DSC_4635-27-copy DSC_4643-29-copy DSC_4637-28-copy

If you think your soup is too bland or lacking of flavor, you can still take various sauces available in buffet bar. The most popular common sauce for eating shabu shabu in Japan is ponzu, but if I personally recommend goma tare, which is a white, thick sauce made from sesame, very fragrant and delicious for dipping sauce.


You can also add other condiments like grated ginger, radish, chopped orange chili (Oh yeah!) and spring onions. Everything you like to enhance your shabu shabu dining experience. After all, it’s your own art in your personal hot pot!


If you like rice, don’t miss this Takikomi Gohan if you are bored of white rice. It’s like cooked rice with certain ingredients and while shabu shabu is somehow soupy and less tasty in its own way, I love eating that with this kind of tasty rice, so why don’t you give a try? 😉


For the desserts, beside fruits in the buffet bar, there are also ice cream machine and Okara Doughnut, made from soy bean creating a low-calorie and healthy dessert. It reminded me of Sata Andagi (Okinawan doughnuts) but with crispier texture.

DSC_4596-14-copy DSC_4646-30-copyShaburi is good for people who love shabu shabu and prefer to have All You Can Eat experience. The prices are actually pretty good especially because you can have many other things beside meat, and drinks are also included. Based on my personal experience, different people have different way of eating hot pot, so personal pots like they have here are highly appreciated.

Anyway, congratulations Shaburi PIM for the opening, wish you all the best! 😉



*All prices are subject to 5% service charge & 10% government tax

*The Food Escape team are not paid whatsoever for writing this post.

** This review is written based on our visit on 29 February 2016.


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