Hola guys! Did you celebrate Halloween in your country? If the answer is yes, did you attend any Halloween-themed party or event this year? For us, we joined the House of The Dead party at Bistronomy Jakarta on 31 October 2015! It was not exactly a “party” since there is no actual event, but the fancy restaurant was fully decorated according to the theme (House of The Dead) and I think they did pretty good job with it!


The beautiful Bistronomy restaurant was decorated with Halloween theme from 12-31 October 2015, creating a spooky and mysterious ambience from a decoration of abandoned old house. The restaurant itself has this European themed interior design so with little addition, it was nicely transformed into a good horror house that is perfect for Halloween. Photos!

DSC_8641-copy DSC_8650-copy DSC_8661-copy DSC_8666-copy DSC_8632-copy DSC_8722-copy

During those 3 weeks, beside the decoration, Bistronomy also launched special Halloween menu which we got to try that night. Each menu was arranged in Halloween-style, either the garnish, the plating, or the shape. The menu is not many but covered starters to desserts, with prices ranging from IDR 30,000 to 300,000.

Kill Or Treat Pumpkin Soup IDR 45,000

What a beautiful presentation for Halloween dinner! The soup was served in a glass bowl put inside a pumpkin. The soup was okay, but I prefer thicker, creamier one.


Psycho Spaghetti IDR 90,000

Honestly, when I eat, my eyes always eat first and (usually) decide whether I will eat or not. The eggs with olives on top looked like 2 bleeding eyes and those are definitely not something I wanna see in my food. The good thing is, it means that they successfully grossed me out with the presentation. The spaghetti itself was alright, a bit too dry for my liking, but the Bolognese sauce was good.

DSC_8689-copy DSC_8681-copy

Shadow Puppet Burger IDR 100,000

Using black buns, the burger was decorated resembling the puppet monster head, complete with eyes, teeth, tongue, and crown? Despite its not-so-appetizing looks, the burger tasted okay especially the beef patty.


Dark Witch Fried Rice IDR 70,000

I wish I have something good to say about the fried rice, but I don’t. Despite its great presentation, for example, how they cut the pumpkin to fit the bowl for the rice, it was amazing. The fried rice was cooked using squid ink -hence the black color, but the texture was horribly wrong. It was cold, dry and hard like it had been exposed to the air for quite sometime. Taste was blah and the only thing I enjoyed from this was the fried shrimps as the sides.

DSC_8672-copy DSC_8701-copy

Tears of Marie Antoinette IDR 300,000

This was my personal favorite for the night, not only it was named from my favorite female icon of all time, the Sangria drink was fruity and delicious. Basically red wines with chopped fruits, the drink was served in a can container but the focus was the red hand coming out from it! The red hand gave a perfect creepy look to the drink and when it melted, the volume of sangria increased so it looked like the drink was unlimited, LOL. It was served for 3-5 person and trust me, by the 4th glass, I totally believed it because the container was always still full.

Oh yes, there was also a non-alcoholic version of this drink named Tears of Annabelle which is actually Strawberry Tea, priced at IDR 100,000++ (for 3-5 person) and served the similar way with this.

DSC_8686-copy DSC_8702-copy

Tarantula Cake IDR 52,000

The tarantula body was actually a chocolate brownies which was nice, not too sweet, but would have been much better if it was served warm. The brownies was paired with Haagen-Dazs vanilla ice cream, YUM!


Blair Witch Fingers IDR 38,000

This was creepy but yummy! The chocolate mousse was great with beautiful texture and right sweetness level, while the “fingers” were addictive crunchy cookies. I wish they put this as permanent menu because I will definitely come back for this! XD


During the night, there was also a booth where we can “zombify” our faces by paying only ID 35,000! This was no Halloween party whatsoever but we could see some guests coming with Halloween makeups and costumes. I think this was a good opportunity for guests who wanted to join the fun but didn’t wear the makeup from home. Results were pretty good too, IMHO.



What bothered me so much that night was the walking “zombies” who were released in the dining area to haunt the guests. You know I am very much chicken to all these stuffs so the moment I saw two zombies walking around, I just pretended focusing at my food and didn’t want to look scared, LOL. Must say that the zombies were really professional because they didn’t talk, didn’t respond, and still made the same face all night. XD


Outside the door, we could also take pictures with Halloween bride put in Instagram frame, it was quite crowded so we didn’t take any.


A thing I noticed from the food served that night, though, is it just me or Bistronomy’s food quality has been degrading? I feel like the food were already prepared and weren’t freshly cooked before served. Some of the dishes looked like they belong to a more casual, cheap cafe rather than a restaurant with Bistronomy’s level. Few weeks ago, I also went there for a casual lunch and was disappointed by the poorly-presented dishes and unprofessional service.


We must say that we had so much fun that Halloween night. See you next year!


*All prices are subject to 10% service charge & 10% government tax

*The Food Escape team are not paid whatsoever for writing this post.

** This review is written based on our visit on 31 October 2015.


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