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MOONLEAF Tea Shop is a Filipino brand which offers beverages in café style, and currently have 2 outlets in Indonesia (Solo and Jakarta).

This time, we were invited to try some of their specialties, I was curious about this brand since I thought they use Filipino tea or something. In fact, MOONLEAF’s drinks and mixes are made using premium quality tea leaves sourced from the tea-growing regions in Taiwan. So although it is a Filipino brand, it’s safe to say the tea is brewed, steeped and served in authentic Taiwanese tradition, just like any other  similar tea-related drinks in the market.

MOONLEAF Tea Shop in Jakarta is located at Kramat Pela Raya street, which might be a bit confusing, especially if you only rely on GoogleMap and such navigation tools. Weeks before I got the invitation, actually we already wanted to go there but after going around for many times and didn’t find the shop, we gave up and went somewhere else instead. FYI, I am quite good with the streets around the neighborhood as I hang around there a lot. Rather than using the street name as your guidance, this shop is located beside Pipiltin Cocoa Barito outlet.


MOONLEAF occupies a ruko building, not so small and quite spacious for a ruko unit. Only the first floor is available for cafe, with seating capacity of 30 person. The cafe is designed with colorful, young, and I love how they keep it simple and down-to-earth, without looking cheap. My first impression is that this place is really targeted for young people to relax or just hang out with friends.

Heard that MOONLEAF in Philippines brings the concept of community shop, where people do gather and share, more or less like community concept. On the side of the wall, there is various writings of guests who pour their thoughts about MOONLEAF in writings, drawings etc on colorful notes. I think this kind of thing is not new but always interesting to see what people think about the place!

DSC_6872 DSC_6883 DSC_6874

Love the wall mural by the right of entrance, it’s not extravagant or something, but somehow fits the whole ambience nicely. Also like sitting in that green sofa, especially when I had the whole place for myself during my visit, LOL! XD


MOONLEAF offers selections of tea-based beverages such as black tea, green tea and so on. We can choose to go for basic ones, mix it with milk or fruit, or even add some add-ons.

Price of the drinks ranges from IDR 15,000 – 29,000, and they are available in 2 types: Cold drinks (Regular & Large) and Hot drinks. The add-ons include pudding, pearl, nata, and aloe vera, and available with additional price, starting from IDR 3,000.

We tried 5 types of drinks, all Regular sizes:

  • Peppermint Milk Tea (with Pearl)
  • Wintermelon Milk Tea (with Pudding)
  • Lychee Jasmine Tea (with Pearl)
  • Passion Fruit Yakult (with Aloe Vera)
  • Honey Green Tea (with Nata)


Out of 5, 3 of them (Wintermelon, Peppermint, and Passion Fruit) are MOONLEAF’s recommended drinks, but my ultimate favorite was Honey Green Tea, followed by Wintermelon Milk Tea. The tea has a strong flavor and fragrance, which still stands out even after being mixed with various ingredients such as fruits and honey. The add-ons were good too, I think nata went so well with the refreshing Honey Green Tea, and that combination would definitely be my #1 Recommendation if you happen to stop by!


Beside the drinks, MOONLEAF here also serves some menu, mainly small bites for sharing. Main course like pasta dishes are also available but not too convincing.

Food prices range from IDR 25,000 to 45,000.

Moonleaf Nachos IDR 28,000

If I didn’t read the menu behind the counter, I wouldn’t have known that it was nachos. Served more like the shape of samosa, the crispy triangle was soft when bitten because the filling was cheese. I wouldn’t say this is anything close to real nachos, but I enjoyed it as a snack.

DSC_6890 DSC_6909

Choco Nut Cheese Sandwich IDR 25,000

Sandwich with chocolate, peanut butter and cheese; nothing special about this.


BBQ Wings IDR 40,000

The BBQ wings are not typical BBQ wings as they serve it like “ayam pentol” (Indonesians know this well!) drenched with Bolognese-look-alike sauce generously. The chicken are battered and deep-fried, very meaty and quite fulfilling. The sauce looked like a homemade sauce, it was nice and tasty enough to compliment the chicken. Again, there was nothing reminded me of BBQ wings when I ate this, but in a sense of the food itself, it was quite enjoyable.

DSC_6922 DSC_6925

MOONLEAF Tea Shop is probably not as well-known as other Taiwanese drinks shops that have been around for quite some time, but it’s still a nice addition to the Kebayoran neighborhood, without having to go to shopping malls to buy some. We hope that more selections of food are added in the future, and we think smoking area is definitely a must in a cafe like this.

We wish MOONLEAF the best and we hope that we can return again someday.




*The Food Escape team are not paid whatsoever for writing this post.


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Jl. Kramat Pela Raya No. 7B (beside Pipiltin Cocoa Barito)
Kebayoran Baru
South Jakarta 12160

Ph. + 62 822 1352 3191
Opening Hours:
Mon-Fri 10AM – 9PM
Sat-Sun 2PM – 9PM