Takarajima Japanese Restaurant is a small and affordable Japanese-themed restaurant that serves various Japanese food with local style. The name and the look are actually quite decent and I even thought it is a kind of typical small store run by Japanese, as the first time I noticed about this restaurant is the one in Kemang area.

It was few weeks ago when I happened to drive around the area looking for an afternoon snack or early dinner, I wanted to go to certain mainstream cafe in Cipete area but to my disappointment, the place was totally full and I had to find another place instead. Mr. K got the info about this restaurant and we decided to go there because apparently, there are many good words about it.

We went to the outlet in Fatmawati area, while actually Takarajima has many outlets such as, the one in Kemang, Depok, Kembangan, Cibubur, etc. The Fatmawati outlet is relatively small, located inside a ruko complex, we almost missed it because of the not-so-strategic location of the ruko unit. Inside, it’s very small, probably can seat up to 30 person max, but quite comfortable and I can see that they put some effort decorating the place with Japanese theme.



Takarajima offers selections of Japanese food like rice bowls, noodle, and sushi in good, affordable prices, ranging from IDR 10,500 to 70,000. There are also options of sushi platters from IDR 175,000 to 450,000 which are idea for parties or gatherings.


Nigiri Salmon IDR 19,000

The salmon was fresh and nice, and for the price, it was a great deal especially because the nigiri came in bigger size.

Spicy Tuna Gunkan IDR 20,000
I love gunkan (battleship) sushi because I can never have enough of nori (seaweed). I tried their spicy tuna this time, and was hooked. The tuna was fresh and cut in big blocks, and I was happy to find the chili cuts. It was spicy and surprising, love it.

Nigiri Salmon Tobiko Mayo IDR 23,000
An enhanced version of the nigiri salmon, again, this comes in big size, satisfying.

Gyutan Donburi IDR 38,000
This is one of their newer menu and I hardly miss gyutan when it’s listed on the menu. It was okay, the tongue was sliced thinly and nicely seasoned, I especially love the additional chili cuts sprinkled on top. The rice was horrible though, it was dry and a bit hard, definitely not something resembles Japanese rice. Portion is so small.

Beef Udon Curry IDR 37,000
I was a bit shocked to see my Gyutan Don’s portion and I was completely speechless to see this. Served in a small bowl, I barely could see the udon from the first glance, and as you can see from the photo below, the curry didn’t even fulfill half of the small bowl. Taste-wise, the curry was okay, a bit too runny for my liking, but still acceptable. The udon and beef were merely accessories. XD


Beside the ones above, I tried the Salmon Crunchy Mentai (8 pcs – IDR 29,000) and Insomnia Roll (6 pcs – IDR 35,000). The sushi rolls were definitely not bad, and if you like sushi with lots of mayo and other toppings (read: fusion), this is a good place for you. The prices are also very pocket-friendly, but my advice is: stick to the sushi!

Salmon Crunchy Mentai IDR 29,000

Insomnia Roll IDR 35,000

*All prices are subject to 5% service charge & 10% government tax

Visited on: 14 February 2015
** The Food Escape team are not paid whatsoever for writing this post.
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