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Whenever I go to Grand Indonesia, normally I would go to the 5th level of West Mall, usually to look for some places to eat. With all so many options of restaurants, cafes, and dining places in Grand Indonesia, sometimes I feel lost which one to pick because everything just looks attractive, LOL.


There was a restaurant/cafe called Jill In Marketbar before and it was replaced by JIM Nasi Padang. The place didn’t change much, but clearly they serve totally different kind of menu.


The restaurant has a nice concept of modern and traditional design, and it is really a comfortable place to stay longer. I had never been in Jill In Marketbar but I think there is only minimal change but the layout still remains the same. BTW I thought that they are completely different places but I still saw some of Jill’s sign here and there, then I came into conclusion that both Jill and JIM are probably under the same management. Which after a while, I noticed that “JIM” from JIM Nasi Padang is probably the acronym of “Jill In Marketbar”, makes sense, right?







JIM Nasi Padang obviously serves selection of Padang cuisine and some other Indonesian cuisine, in a modernized way. Prices range from IDR 8,000 to 50,000 for food and beverages but sadly to say, these are not considered cheap as the pricing system is similar to what they’ll serve you in regular Padang restaurants. Keep reading to know why!

Iga Sapi Cabe Ijo IDR 25,000

The beef ribs are cooked with green chili and I got 2 ribs in one portion. At the first glance, it didn’t look too convincing but taste-wise, the green chili sambal was alright. If I go with foreigners who want to try Padang cuisine, I would recommend this one first before moving on to a “higher” level of spiciness. I love how fragrant the green chili was, and how it was mixed beautifully with the ribs. However, the beef ribs were disappointing because there was barely any meat, only some fat and tendon.


Gulai Gadang IDR 30,000

I had never tried any gulai gadang before so I had no comparison with the original, great one. When this was served though, we couldn’t believe how simple it was. Only an orange yellow curry-like soup with a piece of something-looks-like-jerky, we weren’t impressed. The jerky was very soft and somehow a bit bland despite being “drowned” in tasty curry soup like that.

Ayam Panggang Bundo IDR 20,000

Succulent meaty chicken. Not the best I have ever had but I would stick with this one if I *really* have to go back there again.

Sate Padang IDR 35,000

While the typical sate Padang that I know have commonly yellow-ish sauce with softer consistency, here it looks more like Madura satay sauce minus the peanut. Taste wise, it’s edible but clearly if you expect Sate Padang, it’s not even in decent state. The satay was okay but small, and we only get 4 sticks per portion. There will never be the second time for this, LOL!



We only ordered these first and thought about ordering more if we found everything good, but in the end, we didn’t. The food are mediocre, some are not even considered authentic Padang cuisine. Well, they never mention that they offer authentic ones so there’s nothing wrong with that. Service was okay but it’s not that worth the 10% charge (what?!) for sure.

If you’re looking for a nice place to just hang out and have some drinks, JIM Nasi Padang is good. But for the food, I just don’t recommend it.

In the end, if you ask me whether I myself will go back or not: I won’t.



*All prices are subject to 10% service charge & 10% government tax


*The Food Escape team are not paid whatsoever for writing this post.

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