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Amongst 3 most popular types of Japanese noodles (ramen, udon, and soba), my favorite is always soba. While ramen seems to be (almost) everyone’s choice, I find it a bit sickening to eat it everyday, but with (cold) soba, I have proven to myself that I could actually live with it for months just eating it every single day. I know it sounds crazy, but it really happened in the past and even until now I am not sick yet of soba.

Last January, I was invited to Sagami Soba’s Pre-Launching event, but because it was held somewhere around Cawang area, I didn’t go in the end. But, I was very excited to hear that the famous soba chain from Japan finally opens in Indonesia!

Sagami Soba is indeed a popular brand that has been operating since 1970, claimed as “No. 1 Soba Restaurant from Japan”. Nowadays, there are more than 120 outlets around the world, and finally they come to Jakarta with its very first outlet in food court of Plaza Senayan.

The main specialty of Sagami is soba (hot or cold); with selections of original, green tea, and the newest one: ume (plum). There are also udon and rice bowl menu, as well as side dishes like assorted tempura, sushi roll, and musubi. Prices range from IDR 8,000 to 63,000.


Ume Temzaru Soba IDR 63,000

This February, they just launched a new variant of the soba which is called Ume Soba. As the name suggests, the soba is plum flavored and the color is beautiful pink. Of course, it “coincidentally” matches the theme of month of love, don’t you think so? 😉

If you see the photo below, that is everything included in this set except the additional tempura on the right bottom side. I think the price is okay for a good quality soba, plus 3 pieces of tempura (prawn, kabocha/pumpkin, and satsumaimo/Japanese sweet potato).


First of all, the soba itself is very pretty, but it looks soft judging from the appearance. In fact, it was indeed soft, too soft for my liking, as I prefer a slightly harder one for better chewing purpose. While the plum flavor is barely detected, I enjoyed it very much, especially with the well-balanced dipping sauce, which has perfect saltiness.

The tempura set was amazing companion to my soba, I was one happy woman!

Honestly, it was my first time eating a soba as delicious as this here in Indonesia. And it took me more than a month to finally check this place out despite its super duper strategic location (only less than 5 minutes from home), stupid! @__@





Curry Minidon IDR 21,000

This is what I call YUM! The curry donburi (mini because it is smaller version but regular version is also available for IDR 38,000) is simply superb. The curry is kinda mild but very aromatic, and dude, you just gotta try the beef! I fell in love with it just like that, could say it’s one of the best beef curry I have ever tasted in my whole life, I kid you not.



Spicy Beef Soba IDR 58,000

Another selection of menu that is definitely hard to resist. The beef is similar with the ones they are using in other menu as well as the curry, while the spicy soup is actually quite spicy for Japanese restaurant’s standard. It is like tan tan soup type, thicker broth with spices and aromatic chili. I don’t like hot soba, for God sake, but I must admit I *really* love this one!



Satsumaimo Tempura IDR 10,000
One of my favorite tempura made from Japanese sweet potatoes, it actually tastes like ubi goreng, LOL!

California Roll IDR 30,000
Tried the only sushi roll available on the menu and wasn’t disappointed. A decent California Roll with generous toppings and well, real sushi rice is much appreciated. <33

Ebiten Musubi IDR 18,000
Another side dishes that are worth to try.


Sagami Soba didn’t fail me and now I am a fan! Although the outlet is considered tiny and unattractive, the food are great and served fast too. I hope they will expand and build another decent outlet somewhere else, probably their own store or restaurant rather than just a food court outlet. But anyway, for now, it’s gonna be another comfort food of mine and here’s hoping to be back real soon!

*All prices are inclusive of 10% government tax

Visited on: 23 February 2015
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Plaza Senayan Food Court Level 3

Jl. Asia Afrika No. 8
South Jakarta 10270
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Mon-Sun 10AM – 10PM

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