This is a late post but I wanna share this experience eating “black noodle”, which I think, interesting. Wmiitem is located in Kota Kasablanka mall, with a seemingly comfortable and casual environment. I have heard many good reviews about the place, particularly about the noodle itself, the pizza, the place, everything. So why didn’t I try it myself?
Wmiitem means “W black noodle” and in case you’re wondering where the “W” comes from, it’s safe to say that Wmiitem is actually the brainchild of Indonesian culinary expert, William Wongso. By hearing his name, I actually already have quite a high expectation of this restaurant.





The focus of this restaurant is of course, the black noodle (duh) and what’s interesting about it is that the black noodle is real black because the dough is mixed with ink and meat of squid. Normally we find black noodle that is only made from squid ink, but here, not only the ink, the meat is also mixed, creating a different texture of the noodle.


I tried Miitem with Tom Yum Soup (IDR 38,016) and Ifumiitem (IDR 38,016) that day, and was pretty surprised by how black the noodle is (I know this sounds stupid, LOL). The great thing about it is that the noodle is very thick and chewy at the same time. Although I have eaten many black noodle before that, it was the first time I found a black noodle as chewy as theirs.


Miitem with Tom Yum Soup (IDR 38,016)


The tom yum soup had a nice flavor and generous ingredients chucked inside, but it lacked of sourness and a little bit too sweet. But still, nice try. It goes well with the not-so-tasteless black noodle.


Miitem with Tom Yum Soup (IDR 38,016)


The Ifumiitem is the black noodle version of Ifumie a.k.a. crispy noodle, so being a fan of it, I had to try it. Again, it didn’t disappoint as the noodle was really enjoyable in deep-fried mode, with a nice crunchy texture. The soup is also nice although I wish they put more ingredients in it, but anyway, a nice dish and very affordable.


Ifumiitem (IDR 38,016)


Ifumiitem (IDR 38,016)


For the drinks we had Orange Aloe Vera (IDR 31,405) and Almond Vanilla (IDR 31,405). While the orange drink was very refreshing and fruity, my favorite would go to the Almond Vanilla because I simply love everything about it: the fragrance, flavor, and combination. Might as well come back for this!


 Orange Aloe Vera (IDR 31,405) 


Almond Vanilla (IDR 31,405)


Although I enjoyed the food and drinks, I think there is a room for improvement regarding the service. Yes I met some polite staffs but definitely is not the kind of service which charges you 10% of your bill. But again, that’s my personal opinion and everyone’s experiences may vary from time to time.
Anyway, do you dare to try some black noodle? Try Wmiitem!


*All prices are subject to 10% service charge & 10% government tax

Visited on: 22 November 2014

*The Food Escape team are not paid whatsoever for writing this post.

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Kota Kasablanka 2nd Floor No. 46
Jl. Casablanca Raya
South Jakarta 12870
Phone +62 21 2961 2730
Opening Hours:
Mon – Sun 10AM – 10PM

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