For Japanese food lovers, it’s well known that in certain area in Blok M, we can easily find super authentic Japanese cuisine in Japanese restaurants cooked by real Japanese chefs. Yes, the area is popularly known as Little Tokyo, as lines of Japanese-style restaurants and entertainment places spread around like we commonly see in Tokyo.

Although the quality of most restaurants there are undoubtedly good, I don’t really go to that area (especially during dinner time) because I don’t like the lacking of parking space, and the area is usually super crowded with cars and motorcycles, not mentioning the heavy traffic to actually get there.

This time, I would like to thank Mr. Yoshida who kindly invited and had dinner together with us in Tori-Ichi. 😉

Tori-Ichi is a restaurant specializing on Sumibiyaki (charcoal grill) and Sushi, which is also under the same management with Sushi Sei in Plaza Senayan and Honoka, which is located nearby (still in Blok M area, in the main street). It just opens since July 2014 and is relatively new.



When I arrived there, it was around 7PM and the place was still quite empty. The restaurant has 2 floors: while the first floor looks more lively and festive, the second floor seating area is much more private and calm. If you hate people smoking around you, bad news, because usually Japanese restaurants like this allow smoking everywhere inside.






If I am not mistaken, there are 2 main chefs behind Tori-Ichi: Mr. Ando who is in charge of the Grill, and Mr. Sato who is in charge of the main kitchen.

Although Tori-Ichi specializes on grilled stuffs and sushi, but they also have many other menu, and their Tori Ramen (chicken ramen) is actually one of the most recommended menu.




Started off with this complimentary savory appetizer which gave a nice, light kicking taste to awaken my taste buds!

Tori-Ichi Korokke IDR 48,000
Korokke a.k.a. croquette might be a simple dish but most all the time I always prefer to order this when I see them in the menu. The korokke here is not disappointing at all, it actually reminded me of those ones in Japan, with super crispy skin and soft inner side. What I enjoy the most when eating korokke is the “cracking sound”, somehow it becomes a measurement (for me) how to consider the korokke is good enough or not.

Hiza Nankotsu IDR 16,000/stick
“Nankotsu” is actually cartilage (or soft bone), and is quite popular parts from chicken to be made as kushiyaki. Yoshida-san purposely ordered this because he said many Indonesians he knows really like this particular part.

Hiza is the knee, so this is actually knee soft bone; and like typical cartilage, it’s crunchy and fun to eat. Taste-wise, I also enjoy the savory taste and it goes really well with beer.


Ginnan Shioyaki IDR 15,000/stick
These are actually Ginkgo (Biloba) seeds, grilled with salt, and I personally really love them! The seeds have solid, hard consistency, and have slight bitterness (almost undetectable though).

Asparagus Buta Bara Maki IDR 22,000/stick
One of the stars of the kushiyaki, pork lovers definitely can’t miss this! The asparagus are wrapped beautifully with pork belly then grilled to perfection.


Ika Shiokara IDR 32,000
Shiokara is fermented salt and malted rice and usually mixed with seafood, and in this case, squid (the most frequent used). It has certain smell, which is a bit annoying because it’s fishy, and personally I hardly consider it’s a nice dish. But again, I don’t really like Japanese fermented food as usually they have certain smell and taste that I don’t fancy. If you like “rujak juhi”, you’ll probably like it.

Hirame IDR 48,000/pc, Saba IDR 45,000/pc, Hotategai IDR 36,000/pc
Tried 3 types of nigiri sushi, I love that everything is so fresh and right!!

Salmon Sashimi IDR 88,000
Good looking salmon and I couldn’t ask for better one. Love how they literally melted in the mouth so naturally!

Liver IDR 15,000/stick
Compared to liver, I am more into gizzard person. But these ones, I can eat because the texture is softer and easier to swallow.


Yagen Nankotsu IDR 18,000/stick
Later on, Yoshida-san kindly ordered another batch of cartilage, and this time it is the chicken breast cartilage part. I really love this part because sometimes I also keep the part when cutting chicken and eat it. XD What I love about breast cartilage is that the bone is soft and easy to eat but still very crunchy because it has flat and thin shape.


Momo IDR 18,000/stick
Or chicken thigh, here the thighs are full of meat, not mentioning the big size of each stick. Taste wise, really love all the kushiyaki because they are very well-seasoned and tasty until the inside.

Tori-Ichi Ramen IDR 65,000
Rumor has it that one of the most ordered dish here is the signature Tori-Ichi Ramen, which is a chicken based ramen, so we also tried it.

First, I tried the soup only, and I was surprised! It uses chicken broth and shoyu (soy sauce) as the base yet it is very tasty and strong. The noodle has the exact hardness that is most enjoyable with that kind of soup, and don’t make me start with the delicious chicken chasiu!

In short, everything in the bowl is just an example of good harmonious combination, and I would even go to the extent saying this is probably THE BEST chicken ramen I have ever had so far.



Overall, I really enjoyed everything I had that night including the opportunity to meet Yoshida-san in person. This is certainly a great experience and I believe this is not the first and the last visit to Tori-Ichi. Hopefully I can come back soon and try more of their menu.

*All prices are subject to 5% service charge & 10% government tax
Visited on: 10 December 2014
** The Food Escape team are not paid whatsoever for writing this post.
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